Eastmoor Hills Estate 2008 “Proprietor’s Reserve” Syrah

Columbia Valley, WA; 13.9% ABV; screw cap
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 10 Feb

EastmoorHillsEst_2008_PropResSyrahThis review will be a little strange because a while after I opened this bottle, I remembered I was going out to eat that night.  When I opened the wine, I immediately saved a glass in a 750÷4 ml screwcap bottle.  I drank a glass, but the other half of the bottle went into a 750÷2 ml bottle after it had been in a decanter for about 1:30 or 1:40, just when it was starting to get good.  🙂

On opening, I didn’t like this wine very much.  It tasted like bad cherry candy.  However, it seemed like it might have some more depth that could emerge with more air.  After about 1.5 hours of air, the candy-ness had receded and earthy darker red and purple fruit had emerged.  I still wasn’t that wild about it, especially since it possibly had some of the funkiness that is sometimes present in reds closed with screw caps.  However, I didn’t have longer to ponder this.

The saved half bottle (of wine that had already aired for a while) was pretty good.  It didn’t have any of the bad funk I earlier thought might have been there.  It tasted of fruity dark red cherry, less ripe blueberry, medium purple plum, nicely balanced by acid and a little bitterness of fruit pit.  Unfortunately (for me, at least), there’s also still a fair amount of the artificial vanilla and cooked rhubarb of American oak, of which I’m not very fond.  The wine is mature but still in good shape, and tasty enough, but not something I’m very excited about.  It’s solidly Drinkable, though.

The immediately saved single-glass screwcap bottle was surprisingly like the aired-and-saved half bottle.  However, the former was a little redder, smoother and more complex.  Opinion still the same.

3 thoughts on “Eastmoor Hills Estate 2008 “Proprietor’s Reserve” Syrah

  1. flitcraft

    This showed up in the Seattle area back earlier this fall. As I recall, in my post I called it drinkable only. I was guessing it might have been made from underripe grapes, perhaps. It wasn’t terrible, but not a rebuy either. Although I didn’t put a review in here, I liked the Cabernet by this winery better. Again, not necessarily a rebuy, but a better wine, to my taste,

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Flitcraft. I apologize for not checking to see if anyone had already reviewed this wine. Thank you for beating me to it. 🙂 It sounds like our bottles were different, in that my bottle was not overly acid and did have a little finely granulated sediment, but we still reached the same conclusion.

    2. lim13

      I too commented on your original review last October, flitcraft. And I believe now that the Eastmoor Hills wines are made at the large custom facility in Mattawa that is owned by the Millbrandt family (Wahluke Wine Co.).


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