Le Val Mourvedre Rosé 2013 $4.99

Bottled by: Les Vignerons De La Mediterranee
13% ABV
Purchased: Lebanon OR GO 2-26-2015

FullSizeRender 3A French Mourvedre Rosé intrigued me. Never had it as Rosé before.

Color: Salmon pink
Fragrance: A hint of flowers, strawberries & cherries
Taste: This was the interesting part. It was dry-ish but not crisp. Almost tasted like strawberries and cream with some peaches added…without being sweet. The downside was that there was a heavy aftertaste of citric acid. That was a downside to me anyway, making it rather disjointed. Almost like the creamy berry side was fighting with the more citrus fruit. The body was more medium than any Rosé I’ve ever had before.

Overall, it went well with our chicken dinner and was nice on this very warm March day. (70F) The only thing that keeps me from a re-buy was that aftertaste.


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