Les Chaberts 2012 red

50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Cinsault, 15% Carignan; 13.5% ABV
top of the label reads “Rhone Valley Vineyards”
Appellation Ventoux Contrôlée, France
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 16 March

LesChaberts_2012_Ventoux_redIt has been a while since we’ve had anything Cotes-du-Rhone-like show up at the GO, so I was excited to see this wine.  It’s a pleasantly tasty quaffer, distinctively French.

The wine is not bad right away, but I thought it needed nearly two hours in a decanter to relax and release its fruit.  Then, it showed tangy flavors of black and red cherries / kirsch, dark red raspberry, and (with more air) a little bit of violets and darker herbs, with the earthy funk that I like in French wines, in a lighter medium body.  It’s solid wine and a decent value, but I think it’s not all that substantial or super-exciting, so I should probably go with Drinkable.


3 thoughts on “Les Chaberts 2012 red

  1. EHL

    Thanks BW for checking out this French wine and your accurate review which piqued my interest.

    Without a lot of experience drinking Rhone blends, I initially expected a heavier wine given the base Syrah component, which in retrospect here was only 20% and hence the lighter body with the predominant Grenache.

    The nose, in particular, was delightful…fragrant cherry, strawberry, raspberry and plum, along with inviting violet accents, almost like a Pinot. The wine followed suit…although dry with refreshing acidity, it titillated the tongue with floral fruitiness that I really enjoyed from first cracking the Stelvin cap through the second day.

    IMHO…this elegant, understated French wine is significantly better than the GB Minervois, and a nice buy for $5. If I had tried this out before the sale, I would’ve bought a case with the discount. As it is, I’m certainly going back for seconds…lol…NICE…

  2. seedboy

    Oakland has the rose from this label for $3.99. It is Provencal. Nice color, initially the fruit seems a bit candied but then things balance out some, there is even some tannin. I think I prefer the ’13 Grenache rose from Calif, for the price.


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