Primarius 2011 Pinot Noir

Oregon; 12% ABV
$8 at the Oakland, CA, store on 25 March

Primarius_2011_PinotNoirThis light-bodied Pinot Noir seemed okay at first pour, but a bit closed.  I thought it needed about 1:40 of air in a decanter to show medium dark red cherry, root beer, orange and an unpleasantly bitter, vegetal component that could be called “raspberry leaf.”  While it was acceptably complex and had a nice fruit / acid balance, the fruit seemed to lack sweet ripeness and its components struck me as rather disjointed.  Overall, an okay wine, and good with food, but lacking the charm I hope for from a Pinot Noir.

The next day, I liked the saved single-glass screw-cap bottle better.  The fruit showed plenty of sweet ripeness, and all the flavors were nicely integrated, with the bitter vegetal aspect becoming more of a tasty balancing flavor in the background.  For me, there was still never a “Wow, this is good!” moment, but I do think it’s pretty good Pinot for the money, especially with 20% off during the upcoming sale.  It may well improve with a year or two in cool storage.

3 thoughts on “Primarius 2011 Pinot Noir

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    In What’s New, 5-Star Bar commented:

    I found the Primarius to be an elegant, delicate, and well balanced Oregon Pinot. While light in color it was full bodied and richly flavored with relatively light alcohol (the label states 12%). A fine example in the Elegant Style of just how pretty Oregon Pinot can be. Plenty of varietally authentic Raspberry and Tart Strawberry fruit balanced by lovely Rose Petal notes on the velvety smooth finish. Even an umami-like element of mushroom, or as they sometimes call it in the wine magazines “forest floor”. Perhaps it’s just that classic “Pinot funk” we often describe it as. Whatever the case this is textbook, quality Pinot in the Oregon style and I highly recommend it. I picked up 5 bottles during the sale and have no buyers remorse whatsoever.

    1. 5-Star Bar

      Thanks as always for your help BW! As of last night there is still some remaining on the shelf at the San Francisco store. My advice is simple: Pick up some while you still have the opportunity. Remember as I have been reminded all too often (in regard to the 2008 Tautavel for instance) “If you snooze, you lose”…


  2. seedboy

    The other new Oregon pinot at the Oakland store struck me as tutti fruity and uninteresting. This one sounds like it has more promise, I wonder what impact all of the moving around has had.


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