Gancia Prosecco NV $6.99

Produced & bottled by: F.LLI Gancia & C.S.P.A. Canelli, Italy
ABV 11.5%
Purchased 3-27-105 Albany OR GO

FullSizeRender 3The back of the label says: “Heralding from cellars known as the ‘Underground Cathedrals’ in Canelli, Gancia, the first Italian sparkling wine has been prized by Kings of Italy since 1850. Crafted with carefully gathered Glera grapes….” (etc etc etc).

The above is what caused me to make the purchase. Glera grapes used to be universally referred to as Prosecco but in 2009, Prosecco became the wine designation and the grape went by its varietal name, except in the Veneto Prosecco DOC or DOCG areas. Also, as a side note, Prosecco is primarily made from the Glera grape but can contain wine from other grapes, such as the Bianchetta, or in the case of Rose Prosecco, Rabosa.

Mostly my purchases have come from the Veneto DOC and DOCG designations, so I haven’t seen one with the Glera (instead of Prosecco) grape designation yet. The Veneto (traditional) area is near the top/right side of Italy where the Canelli, Gancia region is nearer to Monaco/France/Switzerland side. Anyway, that’s what piqued my interest in this wine.

Color: pale straw
Taste: Green, crisp apples (lots of apples), mildly sweet
Body: normal for Prosecco. Light bubbles.

Overall, this was the sweetest of the three Prosecco wines we’ve had this week and my husband’s favorite. It isn’t sickly sweet, just the sweetest of the three. It also was the least layered in taste. Neither of us tasted anything more than just ripened apples. No pears or other citrus, no minerality to speak of, but it would be very nice with waffles or fruit etc…a breakfast style brunch. We had it with Cobb salad. It was nice but not a great pairing. Although frankly, I haven’t found anything that pairs well with Cobb salad yet.

Not very complex, but a decent buy for $6.99 (Prosecco is so versatile, there’s always the mimosa option if it’s bad) and a better buy during the sale.


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