Zynergy 2013 Zinfandel

Lodi, CA; 13.9% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, on 27 March

Zynergy_2013_Zin_LodiLim13, you’ve complained that there’s nothing new and interesting at the GOs near you.  I don’t blame you for being concerned that the blog will have to do without your occasional habit of buying Zinfandels with silly names that turn out to be about as good as you’d expect.  But don’t you worry, mate.  I’ve got you covered here.

I have tended to avoid all wines from Lodi except Petite Sirahs.  But when I saw this Zinfandel, with its catchy logo and back label going on about its carefully selected lots of grapes, right across the aisle from the Victor Zin, a Lodi Zin I really liked, I knew I had to have it.  Of course, you know where this story is going.  Once I got it home and opened it, I realized I could have chosen more wisely.

The wine poured a translucent red that is pretty light for a Zinfandel.  The fruit was red cherry and some black raspberry that, for having a rather jammy texture, was not very intense or complex.  And it had a vegetal woody component with aspects similar to the “American Oak” (whether or not it actually is) that I often complain about.  However, in this wine, that latter component is not too strong, and instead adds a relatively interesting complexity.  I didn’t like this wine very much, but since I can still say I didn’t totally hate it, I guess I have to go with Drinkable.

The next day, I liked the second half (stoppered in a 375ml bottle with very little air) slightly better.  The fruit had darkened some, additionally showing some black cherry and maybe some red plum.  Still, while I wouldn’t recommend it, I can’t quite give it a Thumbs Down.  So, Drinkable.


9 thoughts on “Zynergy 2013 Zinfandel

  1. Ryan Ranger

    How you can be so critical of a 5 dollar wine that’s actually VERY drinkable is beyond me. You’d spend the same on a latte at Starbucks for christ’s sake. Guess it’s true: everyone’s a critic. Again, 5 bucks. What do you really expect out of a wine for that price. This was up there with all the great Trader Joe’s wines in the same range. Sorry, I guess it just irritates me when I see people picking things apart that transcend being reasonable. This is a great buy.

    1. EHL

      Hey Ryan…welcome.

      You make a lot of good points, but you should realize that on this blog (and I am not insinuating that this is the case here with this review) there are a few self-anointed “experts” who attempt subjectively to decree what is good wine versus what is swill.

      If in your opinion, you got a great bottle of old vine Zin that you enjoyed tremendously for a knockout price…good for you.

      Other than that, you really can’t take all this too seriously…lol.


    2. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Ryan. Thanks for your thoughts. I just try to describe what I tasted and whether I liked it or not. If you read enough to get a sense of my taste, you can judge for yourself the ways in which you agree with me or not, and perhaps choose wine accordingly. I always say that if you like it, it’s good wine, and I’m not at all going to try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t like. For me personally, I can get $5 red wine at the GO that I like much better than the Zynergy Zin, but I’m glad to hear you liked it.

    3. Darrell

      I try to keep the QPR within the context of GO wine only and not compare other wines outside GO except possibly Trader Joe’s. So if a $5 bottle is drinkable from GO, it follows that outside of GO this would be considered eminently drinkable and a bargain, but that isn’t how I shop GO wines though because I know with that 5 bucks I can find a better QPR at GO. So I don’t mind if others do pick things apart here.

  2. EHL

    Given your ambivalence with this wine, BW, I thought it would be worth mentioning the Hidden Cellars 2010 Zinfandel that has been available at the Oakland GO for sometime.

    After reading the positive reviews of the HC Petite Sirah, which I enjoyed immensely too,
    I picked up a bottle of their Zin to try.

    Upon opening, the HC Zin was medium-bodied, smooth drinking and pretty tasty right away, with flavors of red fruit dominating, including raspberry, red currants and cherry. By the second day, however, the wine had darkened considerably and become more complex and delicious with black plum, blueberry and black pepper accents.

    FWIW BevMo’s Wilfred Wong gave it a 91…and with a retail price of $18, this GO offering at $5, $4 during the upcoming sale, makes it a very sweet deal.

  3. lim13

    Thanks, BW. Yet another in the seemingly endless Zinfandel name game. Will “they” ever run out of what “they” think are amusing names? I’d be surprised if it shows up here, but at least now if it does, I don’t have to spend my $$$ to see if it’s another clunker. Your notes indicate to me that it qualifies.


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