É got 2014 Trebbiano – Chardonnay

Trebbiano 70%, Chardonnay 30%; 11% ABV
Rubicone IGT, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; Imported by 8 Vini, Hayward, CA
$4 at the Oakland, Ca, store on 25 March

Egot_2014_TrebChardInitial nose is of nice Chardonnay yellow apple; initial palate is a bit disjointed and mostly of green lime juice, something I don’t really associate with either Chardonnay or Trebbiano, at least not if they’re ripe.  However, a little while after opening, these flavors, with some melon (green / white / yellow), meld into a nicely delineated taste, with a delicate, medium body.  I’d say this wine is a pleasantly tasty and gently crisp summer quaffer.

I was going to go with a “high Drinkable,” but it was so lovely and yummy the next day, I’ll go with a “low Thumbs Up.”

5 thoughts on “É got 2014 Trebbiano – Chardonnay

  1. Seedboy

    After that nice cheap Trebbiano last year I’ve been curious about this. We saw similar blends in Tuscany last summer, some more successful than others.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Thanks for the info. Name aside, though, I’ll stick with glass stemware to drink this wine that I would guess was fermented in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. 🙂

    2. lim13

      Opened a bottle tonight. Brilliant pale golden; has kind of an odd nose of subtle spice, pine and slightly leesy aromas; great tart acidity that bites right through buttery sauces and gives it a minerally, steely quality with no oak. The fruit is there, but again it’s rather subtle of pear and citrus. Clearly a food-only wine for my palate, rather than a quaffer. Went pretty well with baked Copper River salmon topped with TJ’s wasabi mayo and crispy Progresso Italian breadcrumbs. I enjoyed it…mostly for the acidity and no oak.

      1. weinish

        we drink it stand alone. We like no oak. Acidity is there, but not in a big way. Prefer it be slightly crisper, but overall it’s works for us, especially at the price of like $3.


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