Echeverria 2006 Reserva

65% Syrah, 35% Carménère; 14.5% ABV
Central Valley, Chile
$3 at the Richmond, CA, store on 1 April

Echeverria_2006_Reserva_SyrCarmThis wine seemed promising at first pour, but needed 2 hours in a decanter and a little time in the glass to fully air.  Then, in a supple body, it showed flavors of tangy red (slightly purple) plum, less ripe boysenberry, red cherries, and, unfortunately, a rough sort of green bell pepper / sulfur edge.  Probably that roughness indicates the wine is already past its prime, so don’t wait to drink this.  I’ll see what the next day brings.

The next day, the saved single-glass screw-cap bottle, with a little more air, gave similar flavors to the previous day, but much better integrated and with more complexity and depth: dark red plum and cherries, blackberry / tar, and maybe redder blueberry.   Unfortunately, that rough green bell pepper / sulfur edge is still there somewhat, detracting from what would otherwise be a very enjoyable wine.  I found this blend of Syrah and Carménère very interesting, and I bet a younger example of this wine would be quite delicious.  This one is probably a little too old, but it could be quite satisfying for the low price.


3 thoughts on “Echeverria 2006 Reserva

  1. seedboy

    I posted this elsewhere, but I liked this wine much more than I expected. I generally shun Chilean red wine. I don’t mind that green thing on the finish, especially at this price.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I think I found it, in part of a discussion on another post: I bought that Carmenere (actually a blend with Syrah) because it was cheap, even though I generally shun Chilean reds. Nice wine, actually, especially for $2.39 a bottle.


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