Viña Hermosa 2007 Crianza

unfiltered Tempranillo from Rioja DOCa, Spain; 13.5% ABV
88 pts from Tanzer
$3 at the Richmond, CA, store on 1 April

VinaHermosa_2007_CrianzaThis wine seemed promising at first pour, with modestly complex, tart red fruits, but it really needed about 75 minutes in a decanter to air.  Then, it shows tangy / tart (good with food), dark red / purple cherries / almost plum, and cherry pit / wood / cinnamon, in a medium body.  It’s modestly complex, and not super yummy or anything, but it’s pretty good and definitely a Rioja.  As it continued to air, the fruit darkened to plum and black earth / spice, and acid intensified to the point where it was not really pleasant on its own.  While it’s good now, it strikes me as just about to get too old, so don’t wait at all to drink it.

The next day, the saved single-glass screw-cap bottle was still quite good.  It was very similar to how it was on the first day, and although more acid, it was very tasty with food.  I’ve been ambivalent about Drinkable vs. Thumbs Up, but I think that, with the caveat that it’s a food wine, I’ll go with Thumbs Up at this price.


2 thoughts on “Viña Hermosa 2007 Crianza

  1. adlerpe

    The Berkeley store had both the VH 2007 Rioja Crianza and a Viña Hermosa 2008 Rioja in stock at the beginning of May, same price. I think I still saw a few bottles of the 2008 on the shelf yesterday. As I recall, both drank much as BW describes them here. I’m with Queego; drink $3 Rioja while you can still get it.

  2. Queego

    Thanks for the tip! I opened this tonight, and it is in fact an excellent bullfighting wine: muscular, leathery, rustic, and very Mediterranean. The only caveat is that I agree with you that it’s drinkable now, but not much longer — as a 2007, it’s 8 years old and approaching the end of viability for a Tempranillo. Which explains why it’s selling for freaking $2.99 — they need to move it now while it’s still drinkable. I think this would easily sell for four-to-five times this price if it weren’t so close to its horizon. I say buy some now, and drink all of it this weekend.

    Seriously: $2.99 for a more-than-capable Rioja.


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