Gérard Bertrand 2012 “Naturae” Cabernet Sauvignon

no additives (in particular, no sulfur); 14% ABV
Pays D’oc IGP, southern France
$4 on 31 March

Bertrand_2012_CabS_NaturaeOn the first night I opened this, I didn’t think too much of it.  It showed typical Cabernet flavors of Bing cherry, redder blackcurrant, and cranberry, but struck me as boringly generic winemaking that could well have been Californian but for some extra acid.  However, it did strike me as a young wine, still rather fresh-juicy, which would likely improve with age.  I decanted this wine off a decent amount of fine sediment, but the dregs did not taste bad, and I might even prefer it with the sediment in this case.

The next night, the saved half bottle (stoppered with very little air) needed another couple hours in a decanter to also show some of the darker fruits touted for this wine on the Bertrand web site: darker blackcurrant, blueberry, maybe even some blackberry.  The wine winds up still being pretty fresh-fruity, but entertainingly complex and tasty, and it will likely improve with another year or two in cool storage.  Overall, if you have the patience, Thumbs Up!

4 thoughts on “Gérard Bertrand 2012 “Naturae” Cabernet Sauvignon

    1. weinish

      Yes, I’ve had the Gris Blanc. Very simple, inoffensive, nice wine. bought 4 bottles.

      Dry, minerally, slightly acidic, not a ton of fruit but it’s ok.

      I feel these Bertrand wines are for the American drinker who likes the American style. The other night my wife said, regarding the fitou, “it just doesn’t taste at all french.”

      Pretty standard for many of these wines.

  1. philip frey

    There were quite a few bottles of the 2012 Cabernet in Monterey Bay area at the Seaside and Marina stores. It was young but drinkable as the review said. I think the better flavor and readier to drink was a 2012 Merlot on this Naturae Gerard Betrand label, which I also liked even better than the 2008 Minervois. But I stocked up on both. French finesse on the cheap. I hope Gerard Betrand holds up the quality in future years and that these early releases were not just loss-leaders for his big enterprise of mass-producing quality wines in the Sud de France.

  2. Seedboy

    Given the no sulfur, I would not hold onto this long. Has anyone seen this since the sale ended? Based on this review I’d buy a bottle.


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