2012 Twin Palms Reserve Napa Valley Chardonnay Single Vineyard $4.99

Produced & bottled by Twin Palms Vineyard
ABV 13.5%
Purchased: Corvallis OR, GO 4-16-2015

FullSizeRenderIt’s interesting. I clicked on this morning to add my review of this wine and saw Flitcraft’s comment: “I’ll be interested in your review for the Twin Palms Chardonnay. We thought it pretty restrained by Napa Chardonnay standards. It definitely has some oak, but in good balance with the fruit. It’s not sweet or vanilla-y, and was actually food friendly. We don’t drink much Chardonnay, but ended up picking up several bottles at that price.”

By its taste, I would have wondered if this was actually an oaked Chardonnay. (The Twin Palms blurb says “the wine is aged in a combination of new, one year old and two-year old French oak barrels for approximately 12 months”.) The taste does hint at it, but it is delicately enhancing, not intrusive at all. I sincerely hope the store has more. It reminds me of an Atlas Peak Chard I had a while back…very citrusy without the acid, lighter in body and a bit crisp (and @ $4.99, much less expensive). It is still selling at the vineyard for $25/bottle.

Color: Lemon straw
Body: Light (more like an Italian Pinot Grigio than a Chardonnay)
Fragrance: citrus fruit, honeysuckle
Taste: Tropical, citrus, crisp, just off dry IMO

We also only have Chardonnay on occasion and I was expecting traditional fare with this one. It’s not…and it’s good. At least, it suits my taste profile; I enjoy crisp non-acidic whites. I agree that it would be very food friendly. I’d add that it drinks well on its own and would be a good “summer heat” style Chardonnay…not at all cloying or sweet, just refreshing.

One last thing, I did not notice the “smoke” or “bread dough” that Twin Palms mentions in their description.


6 thoughts on “2012 Twin Palms Reserve Napa Valley Chardonnay Single Vineyard $4.99

  1. permiesworld Post author

    One thing I wanted to add on this one…the first day we had it at room temp. I normally chill whites but when we changed up dinner, we just opened this to pair with it. I chilled it on day two and actually preferred it (both of us did) at room temp (approx 68F).

    1. jwc

      I picked up some of this chardonnay too, thought it was one of the better chards GO has had in awhile. I liked the restraint on the oak, just about right for my tastes.

    2. flitcraft

      Thanks for your review; it dovetails with our experience with the wine completely. We’ve had three bottle of it, and no bottle variation at all. Of course, that may not matter now that the only Seattle GO that I know stocked it is right out of it–within a day of this review. Glad I picked up what I wanted before hand!

      If you see the Twin Palms 2010, though, I can’t recommend it. I thought the acidity was excessive, and the oak that I thought so subtly integrated with the 2012 simply sat ‘on top of’ the tart fruit. No idea whether that means that age is unkind to this wine, whether they just grew better fruit in 2012, or whether they were a bit better experienced in turning it into wine, or some combination. But at 7.99 (!) I would pass if you see it.

      1. permiesworld Post author

        Thanks for the info on the 2010. I probably would have picked it up if I’d seen it.
        I do know that it was a much more difficult year in Napa than the 2012. Cold/wet for a lot of the time and then it got super hot, rather quickly; whereas 2012 was their “picture perfect” harvest. So it could just be that.


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