Rowland’s Brook Shiraz/Cabernet South Eastern Australia 2014 $3.99

Produced & Bottled by Wine Tiger 97
ABV 13.5%
Purchased: Corvallis OR GO 4-16-2015

IMG_144156% Shiraz, 44% Cabernet. Couldn’t find anything online about this wine’s origin other than it is imported by TWE Imports, Napa, CA. However, for $3.99 I thought it was worth sampling.

Color: Dark Burgundy
Fragrance: Black currant, spices. Very fruity and slightly exotic (likely due to the spices).
Body: medium…as would be expected in a blend between a Cabernet and a Shiraz.
Taste: Very fruity/jammy (and I’m one that doesn’t mind a bit of jam). So right up front, if you don’t like jammy wines, this isn’t for you. Black currant is at the fore, with a bit of cocoa & plum supporting it…balanced by baking spices (not pepper…it’s much more of a dessert type of spice combo). Moderately high alcohol heat for 13.5% IMO.  Not sweet but as I mentioned before, very fruit forward.

We liked it. It’s not an elite wine, but I could easily see it balancing summer BBQ’s. The Shiraz lightens the weight enough to make it a moderate evening BBQ red. For $3.99 (SRV is $10) it’s a decent buy. Not outstanding but I’d buy it again for an “every-day” style wine.

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