Señorio de Sotillo 2010 red

100% Tempranillo; 13.5% ABV
Ribera del Duero DO, Spain
$3 at the Richmond, CA store on 27 April

SeniorioDeSotillo_2010_TemprI’d seen this on a previous trip to the Richmond store, but other wines seemed more interesting at the time.  However, this is at least as good a wine than most that had seemed more interesting.

On the first night, after a much-needed 75 – 90 minutes in a decanter, it was delicious, with ripe, fruity flavors of medium dark blackberry and plum / cherry, with a nice woody, earthy complexity.  The body was on the fuller end of medium, with  a slightly syrupy texture.  I would say it’s very nearly a New World wine.  After that, I was expecting to give this wine a huge Thumbs Up.

However, on the second night, the saved single-glass bottle was a bit rough and sulfurous.  After some more air, it was okay to drink, but was nowhere near as yummy as it was on the first night.  Don’t wait to drink it.  So, if you have time to let it air and you’ll then drink it all in one evening, this is a great deal.  Otherwise, not so much.


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