Petit Le Mont 2013 Sauvignon (blanc)

made with organic grapes; bottled by Foucher Lebrun; 12.5% ABV
Val de Loire Indication Géographique Protégée, France
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 15 May

PetitLeMont_2013_SauvignonWe don’t often get Sauvignon Blancs from the Loire at the GO, so there’s already been a bit of excitement about this wine in comments.  However, this one didn’t really thrill me that much.

It’s clearly a substantial wine, with a fairly heavy body for a white.  I found flavors of tart lemon and less ripe green apple, a weighty minerality, and something that might be oxidation but I suspect really isn’t.  It could be wood.  I look forward to trying it the next day.

The next day, the rest of this wine was more fruit-forward and complex, less minerally, but there still didn’t seem to be all that much to it: less ripe fruit of lemon and gooseberries, and that flavor I still can’t pinpoint but is probably wood (although at one point, it reminded me of apple juice).  It strikes me as a very solidly made wine, but without enough complexity to stir my interest.  Weinish wrote that he liked this wine because, “I like my wines more restrained.”  However, I didn’t find much in this wine that required restraining.

DavidLikesWine wrote, “I found it well balanced between fruit and acidity with some interesting almost honeyed notes (but not in a bad way and not out of balance). For $5 this is an definite “buy” for me.”  DelMartian1 wrote, “I prefer my SB to be a bit dryer but the wife really liked this one. It had a slightly sweet finish reminiscent of a Rose D’anjou from the Loire.”  I thought this wine was totally dry, but maybe they are noting the same thing that struck me as “apple juice.”  K&L wines, which sold this for $12, wrote, “From such an inexpensive wine (organic to boot) this has fantastic fruit concentration on the palate and a clean zippy finish.  Floral and clean on the nose with hints of white stone fruits and soft minerals.”


13 thoughts on “Petit Le Mont 2013 Sauvignon (blanc)

  1. DrJack

    We found this an easy drinker, with the citrus and acidity we like in NZ wines, but just a lot less aggressive. Kept half in bottle with vacuvin in refrigerator and the next day, it had become more subdued and rounder. Still easy and tasty. Certainly not a great wine, but good value.

  2. seedboy

    Berkeley had a mess of this out on the floor yesterday. I seem to recall reading that only 200 cases of this were made, looks like the GO got a good share of this. Makes no sense to me.

    1. Darrell

      I read somewhere that 250 cases were made which isn’t a big production and between what GO has and what K&L has sold, that might be the majority of the production. As far as the wine being at GO, I agree with the evaluation of BW’s of drinkable and for me that it makes sense that a good portion of the production ended up at GO.

    1. philinoakland

      I had a bottle of this from the San Leandro store and quite enjoyed it, I think because of the “no discernible negatives” reason posted below. They had about 4 cases up by the checkout area. All sold out now, so someone else obviously liked it too,

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Weinish. On the first day, I had a couple glasses of this over an hour or two, which is usually enough time for a white to open up. About a glass’ worth sat in the bottle in the fridge for a day before I tried it again. How much air did you find it needed?

      1. weinish

        I was just kidding around. My wife and I I think this wine goes down almost too easily. I think we like it because it has no discernible negatives, and because we find New Zealand versions to be 2 full and to grassy. pardon the typos. Using the voice option.

            1. Darrell

              Likewise, but BW has to fully evaluate the wines for potential and think this is how he does it.

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