Abbeycourt Cotes-du-rhone Reserve 2012 $5.99

Produced & bottled by Abbeycourt SRV $13
ABV 13%
Purchased 6-10-2015

FullSizeRender“Abbeycourt is a tribute to the monks the guardians of the temple. The arched label reinforces the history and tradition of the region. A blend of Mourvedre Syrah and Grenache. Soft fruity and easy to drink.” Winemaker’s Notes

There are no notes on the bottle as to the blend. I was lucky enough to find the above description online. The blend appealed to me, as I do enjoy wine from each of those grapes. According to the info I sourced online, the Cotes-du-Rhone appellation is typically only used when the wine does not qualify for an appellation that can command a higher price.

Color: Transparent burgundy
Fragrance: Lush berry mix. Very fruity.
Body: light to medium

Normally I would also add a short taste category…but we had such wildly different taste experiences with this wine that I’m writing it out instead. I had no food before I tasted it. I tasted mild raspberry/red cherry fruit, with hints of baking spices, somewhat reminiscent of “Kool-aid”. Not sour at all. My husband had it with food (salted mixed nuts) and said that it smelled rather liked cooked liver combined with fruit. He also said that it tasted like tart cherry, lower alcohol brandy.  Since I did  not get that, I tried it next with the nuts. I noticed no liver fragrance but wow, the nuts really killed this wine. It was horribly sour paired with them (just a FYI).

This one is barely on the edge of drinkable IMO. It is not complex and at $5.99 not a good bargain either. We only rate thumbs down when a wine is flawed…but if you pair this with the wrong food, I could certainly see it being rated as a thumbs down.



6 thoughts on “Abbeycourt Cotes-du-rhone Reserve 2012 $5.99

  1. RichKoz

    I tried one bottle of this wine. It’s 2 dimensional with a short finish. In my experience, typical of low end cote du rhone wines. Not a good GO deal at 5.99.

    1. permiesworld Post author

      lol Steven. Agreed. We decided to have something else. I would have never even thought to equate it with a Burgundy…when I think of that, I think of Pinot Noir or Gamay. But it definitely did remind me of Kool-aid with a bit of alcohol heat.


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