La Puerta Alta Bonarda 2009 $5.99

Produced and bottled by: Valle de la Puerta S.A. SRV $20
ABV 13.5%
Purchased: Lebanon OR GO 6-20-2015

FullSizeRenderBonarda is a new varietal for me so of course I had to do some research. I linked a site that gives a basic overview if you are interested. One thing of note, pointed out on the above page, “Bonarda…is used mainly to make fruity, medium-bodied bulk wines with low tannins…” and I found that to be true with this wine. Another reviewer found it to be heavy bodied so I’m linking that too…as a comparison.

Upon opening, fruity & floral aromas permeated the kitchen. It’s a very fragrant wine.

Color: Dark, but not inky, red (cork-composite)
Body: medium and surprisingly smooth. Easily quaffable.
Taste: Dry. Cherry, currant (couldn’t decide if I was leaning more towards red or black), lavender, a bit of grape jolly rancher, lightly spiced…mild to moderate alcohol heat. Very low tannin. Low oak presence for those that prefer not to notice it…just barely evident in the spices. The bottom of the bottle had quite a bit of debris in it.

After being open for about 4 hrs, the wine was a little more earthy and had a fragrance (but not taste) of raisins/prunes. I liked it…really unusual one for me but I did enjoy it. It morphed very quickly IMO so I wouldn’t call it a cellar candidate.

Not very complex but it is nice to find another wine with no unpleasant surprises…simple but enjoyable. Easily recommended as a summer red…being dry and not at all heavy or cloying.  While the reviewers (linked above) may not agree on the tastes, we all seem to rate it about the same (85points to me is a daily drinker-esque wine).

I know we are all looking for that next amazing G.O. wine…this isn’t it, but it is a decent every day drinker.


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