Sassello 2013 Toscana Rosso

Toscana IGT, Italy; 12.5% ABV
apparently bottled anonymously for 8 Vini importers
2011 bottling is listed on their web site as 85% Sangiovese, 15% other grapes
$4 at the Oakland, CA, store on 25 June

Sassello_2013_ToscanaWhen first opened, this wine is light red, thin and tart.  It slowly airs over 2- 3 hours to show flavors of tangy dark cherry and some bitterness of almond / pit, maybe slight prune, still in a rather light body.  This wine is a pleasant enough light, fruity, quaffer, without much complexity or substance.  Fine for $4, but not especially exciting.

The next day, the saved single-glass, screw-cap bottle is redder and perhaps a little more acid and forwardly fruity, and overall more bland than on the first night.  Even at $4, I’d like to think one could do better at the GO.


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