Le Noe 2012 Sauvignon Blanc

from Barnardt Boyes International
W.O. Western Cape, South Africa; 12.5% ABV; screw cap
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 1 July

LeNoe_2012_SauvignonBlancA Pinotage and a Cabernet-Shiraz blend from Le Noe also appeared at the same time as this Sauvignon Blanc.  However, I already had enough reds in my basket, and could only justify getting this white.  I recalled liking another South African SB, so it wasn’t a huge compromise.  This one is pretty good, too.

The wine Immediately gives ripe flavors of gooseberry, yellow apple / golden kiwi, and green lime, a little fresh grass and a slight minerality, and a nicely acid finish.  It strikes me as being sort of between New Zealand and Californian in style, with some tropical fruit that’s not in either.

The next day, the second half of the bottle was still quite yummy.  It’s not extraordinary, but it is pretty darn good.


8 thoughts on “Le Noe 2012 Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Expat

    I just tried the Cab/Shiraz blend from these guys. eeehhh. not offensive but boring and some rough edges. For me a waste at any price. I cut my losses and opened the Cameron Hughes 254.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Thanks, Expat. I have wanted to try the Cab-Shiraz blend and the Pinotage from Le Noe after how well I liked this SB, but I have too much wine at home right now.

      1. Darrell

        If you can recall or if you had the 2010 Winter Hill, how does it compare? This Le Noe is a dollar more than the Winter Hill we got down here in CA and so that’s why I’m wondering. After recently buying a couple of $2.99 NZ bottlings, I was wondering if I should investigate this SB.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          I don’t think I tasted the 2010 WH. This wine is in a style distinct from those nice $3 New Zealand SBs we’ve had recently (or even this $5 one), so it may be worth checking out unless you have plenty of SB for now. In absolute terms, I liked the Kaikoura better.

          1. Darrell

            Thanks for the advice since, like others here, GO has made space a premium in the cellar. My wife asks, ” How are we going to drink all that?”


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