David Hill 2011 Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley, OR; 12.5% ABV
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store on 1 July

DavidHill_2011_PinotNoirOn the first night, I thought this wine was tasty enough, but not outstanding.  Over a couple hours of air, it developed nice flavors of black cherry, red raspberry, earth, maybe even black pepper, with the acid a little on the strong side for me.  However, the body never much texture or viscosity and the flavors never integrated very well.  I thought it was still possible it could be better the second day.

The second half, stoppered in a 375ml bottle with very little air, has a very full nose of ripe black cherry, cola / maybe root beer, and dark raspberry, a little earthy, maybe a little orange.  On the palate, there’s what was in the nose, with acid that’s still a bit strong for me and has a slight spoiled component.  It’s certainly better integrated, and has intriguing complexity, but I still don’t find it that pleasant or substantial.


12 thoughts on “David Hill 2011 Pinot Noir

  1. lim13

    Got an email from Silverdale GO that never discloses vintages, but a David Hill Pinot arrived there today.for $6.99.

          1. lim13

            Opened it earlier today and tried it tonight, SB. And from what I’ve read, 2012 was an excellent vintage for Oregon Pinots. Clear medium ruby color; restrained dark cherry, smoke, black tea and earth in the nose along with unusual floral, almost hyacinth aromas too; medium body and more tannin then I’m used to in a Pinot give it a chewy texture; excellent acidity; flavors of black cherry, raspberry, oak and earth. Not bad, but not my preferred style. I’d like to see more forward fruit.

            1. Seedboy

              Sounds like I would like it. Price? As BW has reported there are other Willamette Valley Pinots showing up but they are all in the 10 to 15 range.

            2. lim13

              BTW, Stan the wine guy at Silverdale GO and I discovered yesterday that he got both the 2011 (one case only) and 2012 David Hill Pinot. The 2011 was sent in error instead of the Pinot Gris (of which he got none).

  2. seedboy

    I probably like my wines to be more acidic than you. I prefer this wine to the GO pinots that have appeared post Cima Collina.

    1. JoelA

      It’s rare that I don’t agree with BW but this is one of those times. I have no probem with the acid, find the flavor pretty much as he describes and don’t always look for viscosity in a pinot. To me the wine is a medium-weight pinot noir with excellent taste components.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Joel. I’m glad people disagree with me if that means they like the wine! Thanks for your knowledgeable opinion.

        1. jwc

          Saw this David Hill PN on the shelf at $19.99 at a Beaverton Fred Meyer store, so solid price point for this fortunate enough to try it.


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