Domaine Haut-Blanville 2011 Peyrals Blanc

Vin de Pays de la Vicomté d’Aumelas, Languedoc, France; 13% ABV
imported by Global Wine Co., San Rafael, CA
$4 at the Oakland, CA, store on 7 July

HautBlanville_2011_PeyralsBlancThis wine is one of a bunch that came in to the Oakland store from Global Wine Company imports.  It is currently listed for $10 for Williams-Sonoma wine club members. Their web site states:

This blend comes from Château Haut-Blanville, an estate not far from the coast, near Montpellier. Parisians Bernard and Beatrice Nivollet bought the property in 1997 and completely renovated it. Haut-Blanville’s vines are planted on several terroirs; Les Peyrals is on chalky, pebbly ground on a plateau overlooking the Mediterranean. A variety of flora surrounds the vineyard, including fig, pine and olive trees as well as wild-growing herbs like thyme, rosemary and savory. A mineral-tinged Grenache Blanc makes a base for this compelling white, with Chardonnay offering body and suppleness and Sauvignon Blanc providing aromatics.

I think it’s a pleasant and quite nice wine for $4 at the GO.

At first opening, this wine seemed rather thin, tart, and minerally.  With a little time, this opened to a modestly elegant wine showing medium-intense flavors of yellow melon / slight honeysuckle, lemon, austere white peach with some pit bitterness, and still some minerality.  It’s neither tremendously compelling nor just a totally simple quaffer, but rather an easy drink that has some complexity if you’re interested in paying attention.

The next day, I think what it might have lost in elegance is easily made up for in fruit-forwardness and more overt complexity.  Maybe less elegant, but more yummy!


2 thoughts on “Domaine Haut-Blanville 2011 Peyrals Blanc

  1. JimH

    I was in the store a week ago when Roberto told me you had joined the staff there. Then Sopheap came over. They both seem pleased with your addition and I’m glad to see that you posted this and more importantly, that you’ll continue to test and report on your findings.
    Thanks for all your heavy lifting, both cases and bottles.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Jim and thanks for your support! I’ll be working mostly “school hours” about 5 days a week. Today I have a day off and am taking it easy on my sore muscles. 🙂


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