Les Cépages Oubliés 2011 Cinsault – Grenache Vielles Vignes

Cinsault 70%, Grenache 30%; 14% ABV
Pays D’Oc IGP, France
imported by Global Wine Co., San Rafael, CA
I originally wrote that this was $4 at the Oakland, CA, store on 7 July.  However, I saw it for $5 on 14 July at the Berkeley store, so it was probably $5 at Oakland, too.

CepagesOublies_2011_CinsaultGrenacheThis wine is right up my alley.  It’s like a medium-weight, traditional Côte-du-Rhône.  While it’s surprisingly tasty at first pour, I liked it better after an hour of air in a decanter, and it’s still very good after 2+ hours.  The wine shows tangy fruit flavors of black cherry, raspberry, lighter red cherries, red table grape, and maybe some orange / tangerine; and a spectrum of non-fruit flavors like kalamata olive, funky earth, maybe brown leather, and grape stem.  My only criticism is that the finish is perhaps a little rough; I guess I would call the wine “rustic.”  While it’s certainly not the most amazing wine, I like it a lot for the price.

When I first opened the bottle, I first completely filled a single-glass bottle and screwed on the cap.  The next day, this saved bottle is quite delicious at first pour, with the flavors more forward and integrated, but otherwise the same.


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