Elio Filippino 2011 Gavi

Gavi DOCG, made from the Cortese grape in Nieve, Piemonte, Italy; 12.5% ABV
imported by Global Wine Co., San Rafael, CA
$3 at the Oakland, CA, store on 7 July.  (I had thought the price on the box was $5 or $6, but my receipt unambiguously said “Filippino Gavi   $3.”)

IMG_1620About this wine, Seedboy wrote, “I thought the Gavi that I opened last night was drinkable but not better than that. Nicely balanced, just seemed to be lacking the flavors I expect from Cortese.”  Weinish replied, “I felt the same, hence why I didn’t take any home. I so wanted it to be good.”  Well, my only thought is that my bottle must have been completely different, because it is delicious!

On the first night, I thought this wine was at first a little rough, especially on the finish.  However, after it had been open for a few hours (left stopped with the cork in the fridge), and especially a little warmer than fridge temperature, it smoothed out wonderfully.  It is intensely flavored of ripe yellow apple with a somewhat tropical fruit character, ripe lemon and a hint of lime, fairly full-bodied for a white, with a smooth yellow / white melony finish, and gently supporting oak.  Maybe I’m not critical enough since I don’t know Cortese from Chardonnay, but I think this is an amazing bargain.  Indeed, I thought it was surprisingly close to California Chardonnay, which may well be a flaw for those more familiar with the grape and region.

The next evening, this wine is as delicious, if not more so, than it was on the first.


3 thoughts on “Elio Filippino 2011 Gavi

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    I opened another bottle of this wine recently. It was more simple and acid than my first, more of a chore to drink than a joy.

  2. weinish

    This wine is a good wine but nothing spectacular. Not that Gavi is normally as mostly had it as a casual wine in piedmont.

    I’d buy it again, and more of it only if I didn’t have as much wine as I do. But I don’t think it’s exceptional.

    I’d give it a 4/6.


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