Lodali 2011 Dolcetto D’Alba “Sant’ Ambrogio”

Dolcetto D’Alba DOC, northwestern Italy; 13.5% ABV
imported by Global Wine Co., San Rafael, CA
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 7 July

Lodali_2011_DolcettoDAlbaWeinish commented a while ago that I needed to “spend a weekend with this wine.”  I finally got around to this wine and there’s no weekend needed, IMO, just a while in a decanter.  After decanting it off some fine sediment, I thought it seemed promising, and not bad to drink, from first pour.  It showed nice fruit (ripe and tart) of red / lighter purple plum, medium red roses, maybe a little strawberry.  It slowly improved until it was fully aired after about 2.5 hours, when it showed ripe, liqueur-like fruit of black cherry, purple plum, a little cherry pit and dark aromatic spice, and a hint of vanilla.  From my limited experience with Dolcetto, I had thought of it as a full-fruited but coarse and acid wine, making a red that’s solid and serviceable, but not very exciting.  Pleasantly confounding my expectations, I found this wine really delicious.

The next day, the second half (stoppered in a 375ml bottle with very little air) was more rough and acid, never coming together the way the first half did.  So, I guess I’d highly recommend this wine if you’ll finish it in one evening (or morning, I guess 🙂 ), but not if you would drink it over more than one day.

3 thoughts on “Lodali 2011 Dolcetto D’Alba “Sant’ Ambrogio”

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi weinish. Glad you saw it. I think Berkeley still has a little of this. Actually, now that I read over what I wrote, I think it wasn’t as bad the next day as I made it sound. It was still okay, but nowhere near as good as it was the first day.


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