Keller Estate 2010 “Casa de la Cruz” Chardonnay

Sonoma Coast AVA, CA; 14.1% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 6 Aug

CasaDeLaCruz_KellerEst_2010_ChardonnayThis wine is delicious right away, showing lightly buttery, ripe yellow apple and white pear, vanilla / oak, in a fuller body for a white.  After it warms to room temperature, the oak a little strong / sharp.  Despite that description, its not an over-the-top butter-fruit bomb; fruit not over-ripe and has balancing acid, and the taste is elegantly delineated.  Its age shows in how the flavors are nicely melded together, with no sign of oxidation; really a lovely, aged CA Chardonnay.

The next day (bottle kept with the cork in it in the fridge), the fruit is more forward and perhaps less balanced, perhaps a little more nutty (roasted almond?), but overall it’s very similar to its first day.  However, I would guess you shouldn’t wait to drink it.


2 thoughts on “Keller Estate 2010 “Casa de la Cruz” Chardonnay

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    This wine returned recently. I got another bottle during sale and opened it recently. I still liked it a lot and it was very good even on the third day open.

  2. Carnehumana

    When I saw this was from Keller Estates my interest increased dramatically. This must be a second label of sorts. The Keller family is from Mexico, by way of Switzerland thus the House of the Cross.
    This bottle reminded me of the Edna Valley Chardonnay,a cleaner crisper chardonnay, not in the super buttery style, I happily went back and picked up 6 more.


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