Selection St. Martin Dry French Red

produced and bottled by La Vignerons de la Mediteranee, Narbonne, France; 11.5% ABV
imported by Pasternak Wine Imports, NY
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on about 6 Aug.

StMartins_DryFrenchRedThis wine did not seem to have anything going for it — no geographical designation, no vintage, no real producer — but it was imported by Pasternak, of whom for some reason I have a good impression.  Well, it was no huge discovery, but it was not bad, either.

On the first day, it was not bad right away, but I thought it benefited from about an hour of air.  Then, it showed fruit, fairly jammy but also gently tangy, of black cherry (Grenache?) and red / purple plum, a little earth / spice, nicely integrated, with reasonably balancing acid.  It doesn’t really exhibit any specific terroir, but I guess you could say it’s slightly more French than anything else.  The rest was tasty enough to drink over the next hour or two.

The saved, single-glass bottle still needed a bit of air before the fruit sweetened and filled out again.  It was slightly more pruney and acid, but otherwise much the same as on the first night.  Overall, a perfectly serviceable red.


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