Ca’ Bella 2010 “Pi-Ano” Pinot Grigio – Fiano

52% Fiano, 48% Pinot Grigio; 14.0% ABV
Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, CA
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 13 Aug

CaBella_2010_Pi-AnoThe Ca’ Bella red was quite popular, but I had stayed away from the white until G. L. Pease recommended it in person.  white melon / white of the melon rind / austere white peach, ripe lemon, some of the Pinot Grigio pear and straw, lightly honeyed, finishing with slight bitterness.  Not the smoothest blend, but quite flavorful, containing ripe fruit plus balancing acid and bitterness, and pretty good for the price.

A few days later, the last half glass left in the fridge was much better integrated and really quite tasty!


One thought on “Ca’ Bella 2010 “Pi-Ano” Pinot Grigio – Fiano

  1. G.L. Pease

    I got ripe apricot right up front, and fount it interesting to explore this one at different temperatures. It really changes character as it warms slightly, going from ripe and quite a bit rounder to more citrusy, with grapefruit-like hints. It’s not a great wine, certainly, but at $5, it’s a fun one, and certainly drinkable. Pairing it would be an interesting challenge, but as a relatively light, refreshing quaffer in the heat of the afternoon, it’s just plain enjoyable. Not as austere as a NZ SB, nor as crisp as a classic PG, nor as rich as a CA chardonnay; it plays somewhere in that continuum, and I’m sure I’ll drink a few more bottles before this oppressive heat is just a memory.


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