Vega Moragona 2008 Tempranillo Viñas Viejas

Ribera del Júcar DO, Spain
imported by USA Wine West, Sausalito, CA, for World Wine Headquarters
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 7 July.  The 2010 was also present but the bottle and label looked less substantial.

VegaMoragona_2008_TempranilloThis was pretty good from first pour, but needed about two hours in a decanter to show earthy fruit of dark red, purple, and black fruit of cherry and plum, both tangy and a little liqueur-like, and a little prune.  Quite tasty!

The saved, single-glass screw-cap bottle, however, was not as good.  The fruit had become heavier and rougher, more acid, with the prune flavor becoming rather strong.  I kept this at home for quite a while, so it definitely experienced more temperature fluctuations than it would have in a store.  Even so, I suspect this is one to drink up if you have it.

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