Timepiece 2013 Syrah

Vinted and Bottled by Gos Winery, Sonoma, CA. Bottle designation is California.
$6 in San Diego on 30 August. 13.5% ABV

Timepiece_SyrahI bought this wine based on label alone (since I couldn’t find anything out about it) shortly after moving down to San Diego from Northern California and picking up a bunch of one-offs. White labels sell more, right?

Upon opening, the immediate giveaway as to QPR is the Highway 12 cork. Clue received. Popped and poured through a Vinturi, the wine shows a nice, medium reddish purple typical of Syrah with a touch of oak and ripe boysenberry on the nose. After an hour in the glass (not decanted), the wine’s hotter overtones melt into a more seamless sensory Syrah experience –  cassis, sweet, fruity dark berry and a fair amount of oak on the palate with medium mouthfeel. There are nice supporting tannins here, and they coat the mouth on the finish even as the wine’s flavors fade.

This is pretty nice wine but I found the finish a bit rough especially considering it’s 13.5% and Syrah but it is very pleasing for what it delivers as a fruity CA Syrah. Worth a shot and a nice pairing for grilled meat, for sure.

Interesting background with some sleuthing: Timepiece was only very recently trademarked. We know Sebastiani is linked to Highway 12 and there are some interesting hands involved. This is likely a second or third label and drinks way above its price point to me. Info here: https://trademarks.justia.com/866/38/timepiece-86638910.html.

FYI the Timepiece Syrah is very simple and sweeter on night two.