Las Huertas 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon “Grande Reserve”

from Domaines Barons de Rothschild [Lafite]
in the Colchagua Valley, Chile; 14.0% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Sept

LasHuertas_2011_CabernetThis wine looked extremely promising, and, while it has some issues, I liked it very much.

The first issue is that it took bloody 3.5 hours in a decanter to fully air (even I’m complaining about it 🙂 ).  However, then, it was delicious, with dry, earthy, elegant fruit of blackberry, dark Bing cherry, a little boysenberry and redder cherry, a hint of green bell pepper (the second issue, since some strenuously object to this), and black pepper / earth, with nicely balancing acid.  IMO, this is very good wine for the price, and it could easily last a few more years in cool storage.

The next day, the saved, single-glass, screw-cap bottle was pretty good right away, but developed more with air.  Then, the fruit was a little redder, more integrated, and the green bell pepper flavor was stronger, although still in good enough balance for me.  Still pretty good, but on the whole, it was better the first night, except for the airing time.


2 thoughts on “Las Huertas 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon “Grande Reserve”

  1. G.L. Pease

    Great. Now when I come in tomorrow to get more, it’ll all be gone. Thanks a lot, BW…

    I liked this one. A lot. From its tightly knit promise in the glass at first taste (I really enjoy experiencing a wine’s evolution in the glass), to its more developed and polished presence during dinner, and right to the last pour at the end of the evening. I’m coming beck for more.

    What struck me most about this one was how beautifully structured it is, with enough acidity to hold it together, a good (not too high) alcohol level, and the fact that it actually presented as a rather finished wine despite its youth. Its earthiness is balanced beautifully by the fruit, and there’s enough going on to keep my interest right through dinner. At the end of the night, the final few sips in the bottle were a little tired, a little flat, but I can’t hold that against the wine. I shouldn’t have stayed up quite so late… I can imagine that your SGSCB’s contents was probably showing similarly the next day.

    I didn’t find objectionable levels of bell pepper in it, or any other vegetal notes, but I’m more tolerant than some in that area. Yes. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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