Care 2012 Crianza Tempranillo – Merlot

70% Tempranillo, 30% Merlot; 13.50% ABV
Cariñena DO, Spain
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 10 Sept

Care_2012_TempMerlotThis bottle and label looked quite promising to me, but to my surprise had not been selling well, so I thought I’d check it out.  I think it’s quite good for the price.

The wine was promising right away, but needed 2+ hours in a decanter to air to my satisfaction, when it showed flavors of dark purple plum and grape, red plum, bitterness of plum skin / tar, and a still somewhat tannic finish.  Although tasty, especially with food, it really did seem like it had not totally relaxed and opened up, and like it could age well in good storage for the next few years.

A few days later, the saved single-glass screwcap bottle still needed a little air before becoming better than on the first night: similar flavors, but well-integrated, smooth and ripe, although very slightly rough or maybe sulfurous.  Overall, I think it is pretty good wine for the low price.


4 thoughts on “Care 2012 Crianza Tempranillo – Merlot

  1. EHL

    Had a bottle over a couple of days and very much enjoyed it. Nice bouquet with tasty black fruit flavors and a pleasing peppery finish. Great buy for the sale price of three bucks and change.


      1. EHL

        Snagged a couple of bottles of just a few at Oakland, BW…but may be all gone by now…sorry.

        However, they still had about three cases of the other Spanish Red you highly recommended, the Lo Nuevo “L’Opaco” 2012 Garnacha Tintorera – Monastrell.

        Based on your recommendation, I picked up a few bottle of that one, too, for $4…and am looking forward tasting it soon!


  2. Expat

    I didn’t have the time to let it relax but thought it was a pretty darn good wine,especially for the price. Went well with food too.


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