Fable 2010 “Jackal Bird” white blend

54% Chenin Blanc, 17% Roussanne, 13% Grenache Blanc, 10% Chardonnay, 5% Viognier, 1% Clairette Blanc; 14.0% ABV
Wine of Origin Western Cape, South Africa
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 17 Sept

JackalBird_2010_FableThe blend in this wine looked very interesting and the low price sealed the deal.  It is indeed very good!

At first opening, the wine is a bit tightly wound, showing very elegant yellow and white fruit embedded in a minerally structure.  However, after a little bit being open, and especially as it warms from fridge temperature, the fruit comes out into a very nice blend showing flavors of yellow apple and melon, a little lemon, a little tropical yellow fruit (golden kiwi?), white melon / maybe pear, with a minerally finish.  It was at times a little disjoint, but it seems substantial enough that it might be better the next day.

That’s indeed the case, as the wine is much better integrated and more overtly delicious the second day, with the flavors very much the same and still showing some minerality on the finish.  Overall, a big Thumbs Up for this one.

15 thoughts on “Fable 2010 “Jackal Bird” white blend

  1. permiesworld

    Since we also talked about the Fable Syrah here, I thought I’d mention that one of our bottles exploded (yeah, that was a mess). We tried another bottle tonight with no sign of secondary fermentation but it’s just an FYI for anyone who did buy it. Since it was an absolute bear to clean up. We’ll be finishing up our remaining bottles, just in case. We bought them in several separate purchases so there’s no telling if any of them are left with issues.

  2. permiesworld

    Finally tried the Jackal Bird…it was a two thumbs up from both of us. Not sweet but fruity. Still crisp…love the minerality…just a really nicely balanced white. When we pick up the Syrah, we’re going to get some more.

  3. BargainWhine Post author

    I opened a bottle of this wine tonight. Like many of my GO purchases, after I’ve had it at home for a few weeks, the airing time is greatly reduced. This bottle was not closed and disjoint the first day and was great from first pour.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi MK and welcome to comments! I hope you find some. Today, the last of it sold out at the Richmond store, where I got my bottle.

  4. permiesworld

    This sounds really good. I liked the Fable Syrah enough to buy several bottles but was waiting for someone to report on the white! If it is still there when I go back, I’m going to pick some up. I’m (believe it or not) completely out of whites except for some sparkling…


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