Cátulo 2014 Garnacha Atlántica

Navarra DO, Spain; 13.5% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store a few weeks ago. Still there.

Catulo_2014_GarnachaThis wine’s coolly pretty label looked very interesting except for the very recent vintage date.  I wasn’t totally sure what to make of the wine, but my take on it is that it’s a nice Grenache for the money, with the caveat with you’ll probably want to wait a couple years to drink it.

The wine shows fresh-fruity raspberry and cherry fruit, darkening some over the course of the evening.  The flavors are very typical Grenache flavors, but it still tastes a lot like fruit juice, which is pleasant enough, but, you know, not really wine.

I had hoped that the usual saved, single-glass, screwcap bottle would be better.  While the flavors were darker than in the first portion of the bottle, its character was much the same.  Finally, after the remainder had been open for a few hours, the last bit of it seemed to resolve itself from a soft and fuzzy fruitiness into a harder, more polished wine.  So, as I said at first, this wine is decent enough for a pleasant fruit juice-like experience, but if you want a wine, I think it will become a good example of Grenache in a year or two.


2 thoughts on “Cátulo 2014 Garnacha Atlántica

  1. Lora

    I think for the price it’s a great wine. Nice nose..I do agree that in a few years it would be better but it’s very drinkable now. A good example of Grenache. so far the best one I have found at GO.


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