Truscott 2012 Pinot Noir

Mendocino County, CA; 13% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store 14 Oct

Truscott_2012_PinotNoirThis looked like a promising Pinot Noir, so I thought I should try it out.  At first pour, I was quite unimpressed.  The wine was rather dull, with hard, dark red cherry that wasn’t coming out much.  I thought it needed about 2 hours in a decanter to integrate, becoming more aromatic and showing flavors of the same harder, dark red cherry, a good amount of brown earth close to orange or orange peel, with acid of tart cherry and orange only slightly strong for my taste, and reasonable Pinot funk.  I was still not very impressed, but it was at least a real Pinot Noir, not tasting of cherry candy like many GO Pinots, but there wasn’t all that much richness or complexity to it, either.

A couple days later, the second half (saved in a 375ml screwcap bottle with very little air) was more integrated and filled out, still with the harder dark red cherry, brown earth, acid of tart red cherry and orange.  The flavors come on strong enough, but mid-palate and finish are a bit weak.  While it’s not great, it is an honest Pinot and as such is better than most GO Pinots at this price.  I’d put it in the higher range of Drinkable.


2 thoughts on “Truscott 2012 Pinot Noir

  1. seedboy

    This wine is thin and flabby (not enough acid) and I’m taking my bottle back. If you can still find the David Hill pay the extra buck.


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