Fall 2015 Wine Sale, 20% Off All Wine

The fall wine sale this year will be Wednesday, November 4th through Tuesday, November 10th.  It has usually been Wednesday though Sunday, but this year it will run a full week.  Please use comments here to share what you’re planning to stock up on where, or at least what you left behind where, after you got your stash.  🙂

Cheers and happy hunting,


60 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Wine Sale, 20% Off All Wine

  1. TomInSantaRosa

    Has anyone tried the Wandering River New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc currently available in some S.F. Bay Area stores for $2.99? Rgardner2 reported buying a couple of bottles to use as cooking wine, but that’s the only mention that I can find.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Tom. I believe at the Richmond store this wine is $1.99. The only feedback I’ve gotten is from a couple who came and bought three cases, saying it was good every day drinking wine for the price. RGardner2’s mention is also the only one here that I recall.

      1. TomInSantaRosa

        Thanks, BW. Most of the New Zealand S.B. that gets to the U.S. is from the Marlborough region on South Island. This wine is from Hawkes Bay, North Island, so it’ll be interesting to compare it with the Kiwi S.B.’s that we’re accustomed to.

        1. seedboy

          I bought a bottle last night and drank most of it. I like this wine especially at this price. Pretty typical flavor profile for a NZ SB.

            1. delmartian1

              Finally got around to trying this one. Tart green apples on the front end and on the light side in general but for the price, a winner in my book and yet another case piled up outside the wine cellar.

            2. philinoakland

              Yeah, I bought a case too in the sale, and I’m all out now !! Also bought a case of the excellent Elizabeth Rose Chardonnay which I’m going to try to keep for longer.

              When first opened, the tartness is a bit too much (like mashed raw gooseberries or something), but it settles down and becomes an amazing value IMO. $2.99 at the Oakland store.

  2. TomInSantaRosa

    After checking out the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park G.O.’s earlier in the week, I made a quick visit to the Petaluma store on Friday afternoon. I asked the wine manager what he had that was interesting, and he pointed me to three things:
    • The Goss Creek 2013 Sonoma County Red Blend (they’ve been selling lots of it, he said, and the warehouse is now out of stock; there were still a couple of cases on the floor here)
    • A Mark West Pinot Noir magnum for $6.99 (didn’t catch the vintage, but this was of no interest based on my past experience with Mark West Pinot Noirs)
    • An endcap with a good variety of Bordeaux wines (a better selection than either Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park, but not being a Bordeaux drinker, I didn’t take note of any of the specifics)

    What really caught my eye, thought, was a shelf full of Dickerson Vineyard Napa Valley merlots and zinfandels with vintages from the late 1980s through the early 2000s, priced from $4.99 to $6.99 pre-20% discount. I had never seen this label before, but from a little web research, it appears that the vineyard has a pretty rich history (see https://www.historicvineyardsociety.org/appelletions-vineyards/napa-valley/dickerson-vineyard). The winery’s owners died in the December 2004 tsunami in Thailand (http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Bill-Jane-Dickerson-memorial-for-Marin-couple-2701903.php).

    I know that merlots aren’t usually meant for aging, but I decided to roll the dice on a couple of them, plus one of the zins:
    • Merlot: 1998 ($5.99) and 2002 ($6.99)
    • Zinfandel: 2000 ($5.99)
    I may end up wishing that I had spent this money on a few more bottles of the Goss Creek, but it will certainly be an interesting exercise to open and taste them.

    And this proves what Seedboy said on November 3, i.e., that Petaluma often has “wines no other store has.”

    1. Darrell

      The previous sale had more Merlot vintages from the 1990’s and the 2000 was a buck more than the rest and which I did pick up and have been drinking all along because it was varietal and aged. I recommend the 2000.

      1. TomInSantaRosa

        Thanks, Darrell. It’s encouraging to know that at least some of these wines remain drinkable at this late date!

          1. Seedboy

            Should be clear, it was one of the Dickersons. Wonder if this is the vineyard from which Ravenswood had bottled a Dickerson Napa zin for years

            1. TomInSantaRosa

              Yes, I’m quite sure that it is. On the historicvineyardsociety.org page concerning the Dickerson property, it shows Ravenswood as still producing from this vineyard. Plus, Ravenswood’s Joel Peterson is apparently the person who nominated this vineyard for inclusion on the Historic Vineyard site.

  3. rgardner2

    If anyone knows of Blackjack reds (Allusion) in the South Sound area, please let me know. I picked up one last Sunday, but they were all cleared out of Tacoma and Federal Way (the Blackjack 21 Chard is decent and available at FW at 56th). Anyways, here is my avoid list:

    Almost all Bordeaux
    2011 Evohe Tempranilla (Spain) 5/10 2.6
    Wandering River SB (NZ) 3/10 3.0 (Um, I bought 2 as cooking wine, in that case recommended. For reducing mushrooms)
    Mission St Vincent Bordeaux 6/15
    Rosemont Estate Merlot 3.0
    2012 Lucky Pink Duck Moscato 3/9
    Arnozan Reserve de Chartiers Bord 6/15 2.8
    El Belainn
    Cheesecake Factory Merlot
    2012 Sunset Oak Syrah 7/20 3.3
    2013 JanKris Riatta & Crossfire 6/18 3.4
    Vin Parfait PN [repeat, AVOID]
    2011 Worthy SB Five Clones *
    NV Donati Family – The Enforcer Red Wine 6/18 3.1
    2011 Primarius PN (OR) Precept 7/20 2.9
    2012 Benchland Maison Rouge 6/30 3.4

    1. RB

      I know the Blackjack reds have been gone from the Olympia store for a while – never made it to the sale – and I don’t think I remember seeing any at the Lacey store either.

  4. BargainWhine Post author

    Forgot to do this yesterday, but here’s what I’ve purchased so far:
    Berkeley store:
    3 Swami 2010 Pinot Noir (for a friend, although I like it, too, I still have one at home)
    3 Ch. Bel-Air 2013 Bergerac (to lay down for a while)
    1 Liscone Aglianico (to drink up soon)
    Richmond store:
    “for my wife”
    2 Blackjack Allusion (opened one tonight and wife said to get more)
    Juniper Ridge 2013 Merlot (I thought this was pretty good, more tangy and spicy than most Merlot)
    Cline 2013 Zinfandel
    Deep Sea 2011 Merlot
    “for me”
    Vina Arnaiz 2009 Crianza, Ribera del Duero, Spain, which I have already tried
    Giormani 2013 Valpolicella Superiore
    Chevalier Alexis Lichine NV Sparkling Wine Brut, France
    Ch Grand Billard 2011 Bordeaux
    2012 Forefront Zinfandel (want to try a fresh bottle)
    Antaño 2008 Graciano (I’ve never seen Graciano bottled alone before), Rioja, Spain
    Woodbridge Portacinco 2001 vintage Lodi Port-style wine

  5. TomInSantaRosa

    As of Wednesday afternoon, G.O. in Santa Rosa had large quantities of two 2013 red blends: the Lunatic (California) and the Goss Creek (Sonoma County). Rohnert Park G.O. also had these wines as of Thursday a.m. Both are $4.99 pre-discount.

    Haven’t tried the Lunatic, although I did enjoy the 2012 (reviewed by permiesworld on 1/9/15).

    My wife and I have been drinking the Goss Creek and have liked it a lot. Here’s a video review from the Wine Weirdos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuO-hE9pmM.

    Goss Creek appears to be a label of the Crimson Wine Group, which owns the Pine Ridge, Seghesio, Chamisal and other labels (including Forefront, whose 2012 Sonoma County Zin is also currently available at both of these G.O. locations for $7.99 pre-discount). In looking up Goss Creek wines on the Treasury Department’s COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) web site, three recent Goss Creek wines show up:
    • 2011 Central Coast Red Blend, made at Domaine Alfred (Chamisal) in San Luis Obispo
    • 2014 Chenin Blanc, made at LangeTwins in Acampo
    • 2013 Sonoma County Red Blend, made at Seghesio in Healdsburg

    Sounds like this might be a “flag of convenience” for Crimson to release wine where it doesn’t want to use one of its primary brands.

  6. permiesworld

    Stopped at all 3 of our local GO’s. Only purchased from Lebanon though. The other two did not have the particular wines I was looking for and I knew Lebanon did. I bought a case. Cost $50 after the sale prices.

    Couple new ones for me (prices before the 20% off):
    2 Ngumu Western Cape (South African) Cabernet Merlot 2014. 80/20 Bordeaux style blend. $4.99 (imported by http://www.winetreesusa.com/ngumu-1 )
    1 2013 Costero Bay Paso Robles Cabernet. $5.99

    1 Blackjack Allusion (Did someone review this? I could have sworn I remembered reading about it but found nothing…) $4.99

    2 Eight Wonder Silver Tree Reserve Meritage $5.99 (I’ve purchased this before…another S.A. Stellenbosch wine)
    1 Fable Bobbejaan (It was the last one TMK, in this area). $4.99
    1 Fable Jackal bird (really looking forward to trying this one) $4.99
    2 Padilla Ericsson El Jefe (they also had the Cabernet) $4.99
    and 2 Villa 49 Tempranillo $4.99 (for a friend)

    1. permiesworld

      FWIW, I just spoke to Sue in Salem, Or…they have a case and a half (now, just a case, since she’s holding the half for me) of that Fable Bobbejaan…if anyone is interested.

      1. EHL

        Hey PW…I remember your initial tasting notes on the Fable Bobbejaan and thinking that I would certainly pick up several bottles of that South African Red beauty…but alas it has not surfaced anywhere in the Bay Area that I am aware of…lucky you to have found more, especially on sale!


        1. permiesworld

          hey, EHL 🙂
          I really did like that Fable B the best of everything I’ve tried lately and for $4 (sale price) it’s just a no-brainer for me to stock up on. I already have half a case so with the other 1/2, I’ll be set for a decent wine when I need it. While it tastes completely different, it reminds me of the Lunatic red wines in that (for our tastes) we knew that we could count on it to be good when we wanted a decent wine.

    2. JWC

      After a sabbatical from this site, for…I’ve returned…and here’s what I’ve picked up from the sale. The Villa 46 Cuvee Blanc and Chardonnay are both excellent wines, PU a half case of each, and also would have PU the Tempanrillo if it was available, (all $4.99 pre-sale price) Very impressed with this producer. Made the mistake of picking up several of the Padilla Ericsson 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a pedestrian effort, 84 Pts from WE and they absolutely pegged this wine. Drinkable, but that’s about it. How this wine’s release price of $60 is beyond me. I also PU some of the “07 El Jefe and found it to be better than this cab I’m drinking tonight, but nothing to get overly excited about. I believe it was Flitcraft who penned the phrase, Precept is where wine’s go to die, but honestly GO is where wines go to die, and every once in awhile, one makes it to heaven and we are the fortunate, saved by grace recipients. Amazing how Villa 46, and this mediocre Cab Sav effort are in the same price point/ ballpark. Also PU the Fable White and Red for $3.99, pre sale discount, which are steals for the quality, and a 2012 Macon Villages Les Pierres Blanches Chardonnay which I’m hoping is good. So far nothing that is spectacular for the sale, such as the Reserve Argyle Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the Le Riche ’01 Cab Sav from a couple years ago, but that’s the luck of the draw I suppose. The Italian wines that folks have written about are here in Beaverton, so may pull the trigger on some of those. For now the Villa 46 wines are head and shoulders above anything I’ve tasted to date. Good hunting!

      1. permiesworld

        JWC! Long time no see. Glad to see you back around these parts, even if it is just a drive-by.

        I didn’t try the Villa 46 whites (you know I’m a “reds” person lol) but I’d definitely put the tempranillo up there with your description of the others. We bought some before the sale so I didn’t re-buy.

        “but honestly GO is where wines go to die, and every once in awhile, one makes it to heaven and we are the fortunate, saved by grace recipients” lol I think that every time (yes we still have a couple of bottles) I open the Le Riche. It’s still drinking well too. I was concerned that it was getting past it, but not so far. Did you ever try the Colonial Estate?

        I’m going to Salem this weekend to pick up the rest of the Fable. I was going to look there and see if they have any of the Italian wines. We don’t down here.

        1. JWC

          Hi PW, glad the Le Riche is still going strong, suspect it will for another few years. I just opened an ’01 Cyrus from the cellar and it was excellent. In regards to the Colonial Estate, yes I did enjoy it, a wee bit jammy for my tastes, with that Oz plum shiraz notes that I’m not a fan of evident. But for the price point and quality, a steal. Wish there was something like those for this sale, but such is the luck of the draw!

          1. permiesworld

            Is that 01 Cyrus the Alexander Valley Cyrus cab? Nice!
            I didn’t really get jam from the CE wine but yeah, definitely some of that plum. I’m glad you picked up the Fable wines. I was hoping someone else around here got to try the red.

  7. Tom Underbrink

    Seattle area sale questions. We have a number of new “higher end” i.e. $8 – $10 presale price reds in stock. Don’t see reviews on them. Any comments?

    Wine Roads Proprietor’s Reserve Red 2012
    8th Wonder Silver Tree Reserve (South Africa)
    2009 “1881” Napa Valley Cab
    Impuls 2011 Red (Columbia Valley)

    Lots of BlackJack Allusion in stock. Also 2009 Brunello Poggio dell’Otto and Villa 46 Tempranillo.

    Thoughts on the four new ones would be appreciated.

  8. DavidLikesWine

    Two interesting things to report from my pre-sale shop at Palo Alto today:

    1) 2010 Canoe Ridge Reserve Merlot (Horse Haven Hills) $7.99/$24.99

    2) A TON of the 2007 Blackjack Ranch Allusion showed up

    Both of these make me happy.

    1. RB

      Jealous. A couple of cases of Canoe Ridge reserve cab during a sale a few years ago were what got me started on GO wines.

      1. DavidLikesWine

        It doesn’t. It’s a black version of their usual label that says “Frontier” on the front. 2010 Reserve Merlot, Horse Haven Hills, Canoe Ridge Vineyard is the only other text.

        1. seedboy

          Oakland had this wine, many cases which they expect will go fast. It is finished with a cork burger, which reeks of cheap to me. The wine did not make much of an impression. I will try it again tonight.

    2. Seedboy

      Oakland sold out of the Canoe Ridge and the Blackjack is their no. 1 seller. Oakland is selling wine like mad. Consillianace, gone.

  9. seedboy

    I lack enthusiasm for this sale. Now I must admit that I’ve bought a lot of GO wine recently, and if I hadn’t I’d probably buy those wines now. But other than a bunch of suspicious looking Bordeaux, and grocery store wines like that Mark West pinot at Oakland, I don’t see much new, and nothing interesting. I might buy four to six more bottles (Petite Chablis that is still at Oakland, the Rioja Riserva, maybe a bottle of the Pine Ridge zin just to try it), and that is it.

    1. permiesworld

      I’m sort of right there with you. I do have one bottle (that’s all they had left) of the Fable (syrah) being held for me but that’s it. I stopped by the Corvallis GO today (pre-sale preview) and didn’t see anything I wanted to go back for.

    2. philinoakland

      Mark (at the Oakland store) recommended the Elizabeth Rose 2011 Napa Valley Chardonnay at $5.99 (minus the 20%). It is superb, very elegant and reminds me of one of my faves, the Husch, Reserve Chardonnay.

  10. nesshawk

    SO excited about the stock-up! I get such different wines up here in Eastern Oregon at our GO, which is only a year old here in Pendleton. Looking to pick up some Un4Seen White, Roblar Syrah, Sockeye Pinot Gris (although they haven’t had it recently), Nova Vita Zinfandel… I’m compulsively tasting my way through the back wall, so I’m always up for anything new! Thanks for your awesome site!

    1. Darrell

      Wow, way up there in NE Oregon. I could have used GO QPR wines while back in some of the Rocky Mountain states. Paid twice as much for half the quality of decent GO wines.

  11. permiesworld

    El Belairin Red Blend (did not like, thought it was corked) so thumbs down.
    Bow & Arrow WV Pinot Noir. Another thumbs down for me. It tasted like a red candy fruit punch. So it was a BIG thumbs down.
    Villa 49 (not a Spanish correct style Tempranillo but tasty and worth the $) Thumbs up.
    Padilla Ericsson El Jefe, another bargain at $5.

    And here in the Albany/Corvallis/Lebanon OR area, there is still some of that
    Fable Bobbejaan (100% Syrah)…two thumbs up there.

    I would re-buy both the El Jefe and (have re purchased) the Fable. My husband says he’d re-buy the Villa 49. So that’s the best I’ve got for what I’ve seen so far, locally.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Francesca and welcome. This site is independent from the Grocery Outlet stores. We’re just fans. 🙂 I suggest you call the Novato store at (415) 898-1779 and request they stock your favorites.

    2. Darrell

      Francesca, I was just at the Novato store today and I don’t blame you for wanting better selections. None of the more interesting wines recently discussed here, both on the Home Page and What’s New are at the store though there was the Truscott PN. They just don’t give a rip about wine apparently. I didn’t see an ad for the Nov. sale either. Most other Bay Area GO stores have a better selection; it’s that bad.

      1. seedboy

        If you can get up to Petaluma or Santa Rosa you get much better selections, Petaluma having wines no other store has, and Santa Rosa having wines longer than most stores.

  12. DavidLikesWine

    Finally got around to that Sustainable Land Co. Chalk Hill Sangiovese this week. It’s the real deal IMO. I do like acidity to balance the fruit, so take that into consideration, but this is a great little pasta wine. Palo Alto still has a few cases, so I’ll likely grab some more.

    I plan to grab a few Padilla Erickson cabs and maybe a bottle of the Brunello and Amarone. There were still a few cases of the ’07 Louis Bernanrd (?) Rhone blend as well that at $3.20/bottle on the sale price will be hard to pass on, especially as we come into roasted poultry/root veggie season.

    Happy hunting!

  13. BargainWhine Post author

    The Giormani 2012 Amarone (della Valpolicella, I think) showed up for $20. Giormani has been a decent producer and 2012 a decent year, so I will likely get a bottle during the sale.

  14. weinish

    Purchased the 2014 Querceto Chianti from Greve.

    2014 not considered to be a great year in Tuscany.

    This wine is light, restrained, and seems like the grapes were picked too soon. Let it air for a long while and it showed a little more, but if you’re looking for any type of full flavor sangoivese this is not the wine.

    Drinkable, but really depending on your preference.

  15. RB

    I have added a few cases to my cellar over the last few weeks, picking up varying amounts of the Blackjack Allusion, Villa 46 Tempranillo, and all 3 of the Naggiar red blends, so I don’t feel the need to pick up much during the sale. All of these wines went pretty quickly at my local stores and wouldn’t have stuck around for the sale, and since they were all about $5 I would only have saved a buck a bottle or so anyway.
    I may pick up some of the Maryhill white blend ($4) just to have some cheap white on hand.

  16. Melissa Hansson

    I’m hoping to find more JanKris Zinfandel at the one store in Portland that still had it, last I looked. I just love that fruit bomb. The Riatta is okay, but not quite as good.

  17. seedboy

    Oakland has started building the big stack of wine by the office. Magnums of Mark West pinot noir that will end up costing $11 or so at the sale, and Luna label California Cabernet, don’t remember the price. Has anyone tried that barbaresco they’ve had there for forever for $16.99?

    1. JoelA

      I tried the Barbaresco; comments somewhere in the What;s new section. For me, not worth stocking up even at the sale price.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Fred. All reports from readers in different states have said the same thing, and in previous years, all GOs have had the same sale dates.


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