Domaine Boyar 2011 Merlot Reserve

Thracian Valley Region, Bulgaria; 13% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 8 Nov

DomaineBoyar_2011_MerlotResSo… I’ve been thinking that, in order to reconcile my work at the Richmond GO with my hobby of blogging here, that I have to provide less perfect reviews (a subjective judgement, to be sure) and get more out regardless.  So, in that vein, here goes.

After the Villa Yambol 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (also from Bulgaria) was so tasty, I really wanted to try this, too.  (There was also a Bulgarian rosé “Vini” that arrived in the same shipment.  Haven’t tried it yet.)  This Merlot followed a similar pattern, of being pretty tasty right away, but really showing its best after about an hour in a decanter.  Then, it gave full flavors of dark, very ripe, blue / black fruit, but still with a delicate character showcasing the lower-tannin Merlot grape.  I thought this was quite good, and none of it survived to the next day.  Today, I got another bottle of this and of the Yambol Cab, and I intend to blend them.  I’ll update here after I try this experiment.  🙂


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