Woodbridge 2001 Portacinco

Lodi, CA; 19% ABV
62% Touriga Nacional, 13% Bastardo (also known as Trousseau), 12% Alvaralhao, 10% Souzao, and 3% Tinta Cao (not sure if this is really right, but it does use traditional Portuguese varietals)
$10 at the Richmond, CA, store on 4 Nov

Woodbridge_2001_PortacincoI don’t think I’ve ever tried one of the Woodbridge Portacincos that regularly show up, and thought I’d take advantage of the sale to do so.  I’m not totally sure what to make of this, but it seems a reasonable port-style wine for the price.  Also you should keep in mind that I’m not very familiar with Port wines.

On the first couple days I had this open, I thought the fruit was pretty nice — dark red cherry and rich, red plum — with some nice wood and spice.  But I thought the fruit was somewhat overwhelmed by the brandy added for fortification.  However, after it had been open a few days, these two components integrated better to meld the dark purple to medium red fruit with the more sherry-like / citrus-y elements of the fortifying spirits.  So, while I didn’t find it as satisfying as other Port-style wines I’ve had, I have to admit it’s pretty tasty for the price point, especially at the sale price.

Lim13 reviewed the 1997 vintage of this wine here, and his review contains a link to a reader review of the 1999 vintage.


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