Antaño 2008 Graciano

Rioja, Spain; 14% ABV
$7 (I think) at the Richmond, CA, store on 4 Nov.  Long gone from there.

Antano_2008_GracianoI had seen the Graciano grape listed as a component of a number of Crianzas, but I had never seen it bottled on its own.  So when I saw this bottling, especially with the “90+ Wine Advocate” addition to its label, I eagerly got a bottle.  It was a very interesting experience, but I think I can see why it’s usually blended.

The wine was pretty tasty at first pour, with an aromatic nose, and showing fairly acid fruit of purple plum / cherry and black raspberry.  It slowly improved as it aired over a few hours, to include nice complexities of violets / dark roses, black olives, and a little rosemary.  However, even after it seemed to fully air after about three hours, the wine never integrated completely and the finish was still a bit rough and tannic.  I can see how Graciano would firm up and add complexity to a wine, but this one, at least, was not really complete on its own.  Still, it was pretty good for the price and an interesting experience, so I’ll go with Thumbs Up.

2 thoughts on “Antaño 2008 Graciano

  1. delmartian1

    Found some of this in Oceanside last week and tried it with a thick rare BBQ rib eye steak on Friday evening. The description above really hits the mark for the first night and it paired beautifully with the steak. Finished the bottle last night and fortunately did not run into the “roughness” experienced above…perhaps because the wine never got to the 3 hour mark before it was gone.


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