Torre de Lancia 2012 “Rosso Fuoco” Negroamaro – Primitivo

60% Negroamaro, 40% Primitivo (Zinfandel); 13.5% ABV
Salento IGT, southern Italy (“heel of the boot”)
imported by Epic wines, Capitola, CA
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 13 Nov

RossoFuoco_NegroAmaroPrimitivoThis wine looked quite promising, with an interesting blend from the right part of Italy for these grapes, and having a nice dark color through the bottle.  It’s quite soft and fruity, especially for an Italian wine, but it’s really delicious.

This wine really doesn’t need any air, but might be a little softer and richer after about an hour.  It has ripe flavors of dark blackberry / loganberry, maybe a little blueberry, dark red cherry / plum, and some of the earthy raisin / prune that many southern Italian wines seem to have.  It was so good that we easily sucked down the whole bottle on a Friday night.


6 thoughts on “Torre de Lancia 2012 “Rosso Fuoco” Negroamaro – Primitivo

  1. G.L. Pease

    I didn’t find it exactly lacking acidity, but it still seemed flabby to me, a little more Californian than I’d expect or want from vinos d’Italia. It’s not a complaint, really. There were powerful flavors and aromas, some interesting phenolic and animalic notes that, if I was in the right mood might be just the ticket, but, as a wine to enjoy with food, or as something to simply sip and ponder, I’d have a hard time with this one. I like it, but don’t love it. Which is to say that it’s a very good, well made wine, but one that is probably better suited to those who prefer jammy CA zins. Which I don’t. If you like fruit-forward wines, like Shirazes and Zinfandels it’s worth well beyond the meager price.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Seedboy. I thought there was a good enough amount of acid to balance the ripe fruit, although not like in northern Italian wines. Did you try this wine?

        1. Expat

          I was getting interested in this but Seedboy, you are my best source for wine info because I think we have similar tastes. I can take a fruitier wine if it’s done with some style but if you’re returning it, it must be like fruit juice. Is it that bad?


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