Nugan Estate 2007 Shiraz “McLaren Parish Vineyard”

McLaren Vale, South Australia, 14.5% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 9 Nov

NuganEstate_2007_ParishVnydShirazThis older Shiraz, from a good area, looked quite promising.  It took me a week to get to it, but it is indeed very good.

It was pretty tasty right away, but for me, it definitely rewarded giving it about 90 minutes of air in a decanter, when some roughness smoothed out and more complexity emerged.  Then, it showed richer, dark fruit of purple plum and black raspberry, with black pepper and slightly pruney aged complexity.  The ripeness is well balanced with acid of these fruits.

The saved single-glass, screwcap bottle shows more tasty earthy and tarry / herbal complexity, but is also is a little less smooth and rich.  I think I preferred it the first night, but both are good, and overall definitely Thumbs Up!

(The label is white and looks yellowish tan only because of the poor light under which I took the photo.)

7 thoughts on “Nugan Estate 2007 Shiraz “McLaren Parish Vineyard”

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    In the same shipment, we received 3 different Nugan Estate wines: this one from McLaren Vale and two from Riverina, a Cabernet Sauvignon and another Shiraz. A customer with similar taste to mine said he thought the Riverina Shiraz was pretty good. If anyone else here has an opinion on it, please let us know.

    1. EHL

      Tried both of the Nugan Estate Riverina wines, the 2009 Cab as well as the 2010 Shiraz.

      I am happy to report that each of them are very nice wines…well-balanced, with a medium+-body, pleasing bouquet, delicious palate of black and red fruits, with refreshing acidity and supple tannins.

      These are not heavy nor ponderous nor jammy nor flabby wines…but delightfully balanced wines that please the nose and palate and conclude with an elegant finish.

      I’m a fan of everything that this vineyard has produced; can’t believe they have graced the shelves of GO for a measly $5.

      After I shared a couple of glasses of the Cab today with a good friend, he implored me to grab him a case asap. Which I did…there was a little shy of two cases of both the Cab and Shiraz at Oakland today…


    2. Don Bevins

      It seems that the most interesting wines at GO these days are Aussie. Dugan, Cat Amongst the Pigeons and various Mc Pherson products. Today I came across a GO with Chapter Three 2011
      Mc Pherson chardonnay. This is the best chardonnay I have come across in a long while. At $3.99 and a winery price of $25.00, it looked worth a try. The wine shows a complex tropical fruit mixture with a healthy dose of French Oak., Reviews suggest a drinkability through 2015. I believe that still has plenty left to it. If you come across it out there…….BUY, BUY, BUY.
      Where I found it…….one clue……the Sac/Roseville area. That is all you get because I want more for myself.

      1. Darrell

        Don, thanks for the heads up on this one. Bought a bottle and it’s a bargain at $3.99. I don’t usually try Aussie whites and detected what seemed to be barrel fermentation and so went to the winery’s website to get more info. Sure enough they rack the clarified juice into barrels and ferment. They also perform battonage. Last year I picked up a South African Chard. that had this barrel fermented bouquet at your favorite Sacto area GO for a similar price. Couldn’t find it anywhere else and mum’s the word on your favorite store.

  2. EHL

    Hey BW…drank a bottle of this Aussie Shiraz over three days and it was very nice. Your tasting notes were spot on. Quite a nice bottle of wine for $5…wish I would’ve know this before the last sale ended, as I would’ve picked up several bottles more than the three I picked up. Oakland has a few cases of it left, along with the Cab and a different Shiraz from the same label.

    Additionally, as SB reported earlier, the Nugan Pinot Noir (with a Stelvin cap) is also an excellent wine. I opened one up today and am thoroughly enjoying it! It’s quite a distinguished bottle, with an enticing aromatic bouquet, tasty and rich palate, and pleasing finish. Again, quite a find for $5 and there were a couple of cases at Oakland.



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