Seforha 2012 Nero D’Avola

Terre Siciliane IGT, Italy; 13% ABV
imported by Epic Wines, Capitola, CA
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store around 20 Nov

Seforha_2012_NeroDAvolaI have previously not thought much of wines made from Nero D’Avola, finding them pleasant enough, but rather simply fruity.  I thought I’d try this one, though, because it shared its importer with the Rosso Fuoco Negroamaro – Primitivo that I liked a lot.  This is indeed much more interesting than any Nero D’Avola I’ve had previously.

On the first night, I thought the wine needed about an hour in a decanter to show dark red cherry / raspberry, a nice complex of funk / earth / stem / prune, and kirsch / black cherry.  Although I’m not wild about it, for the price, this wine is substantial and complex enough to merit a Thumbs Up.

The second half, stored in a half bottle and stoppered with very little air, was very similar.  It was probably a little more smoothed out, maybe a little better overall.


14 thoughts on “Seforha 2012 Nero D’Avola

  1. BdB

    My bottle tastes great, ‘guess I like funky earth…had it with pizza, enjoyed every sip (after an hour decanting). I’m on a budget so I’m thankful to GO for providing me with tasty wines at low cost. To me this is well worth 4$, I hope to get more. I’ll take a chance with the bottle variation mentioned.

  2. Ashlander

    Did a home taste testing of this wine and the Torre de Lancia 2012 “Rosso Fuoco” on the same night. Individually, neither wine impressed me or my wife. The Seforha had the earthy funk that someone mentioned above and the Rosso Fuoco was too sweet/flabby. Both drinkable, but not a repeat buy for us.

    There was some of each wine left, so I mixed the two bottles together. The next day, we tried the blended wine and really liked the result. The acidity that was lacking in the Rosso Fuoco was present and the earthy funk of Seforha was gone. I bought two bottles of the Seforha, so I think I will go back and get another bottle of the Rosso Fuoco and try the blend again rather than do a return.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      🙂 That’s great! I like blending different wines I get, but it’s not obvious to me that this would work. Thanks for sharing the results of your experiments!

    1. lim13

      I received an email today that says this wine just arrived at Silverdale. So I checked out the link above from Weinish. Has anyone read the accompanying review from a customer on the BevMo site? That was enough to keep me from buying any!

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        That customer’s experience was a good deal different from mine. For example, I would say you really have to like earthy funk to like this wine, but I would in no way have compared it to a cheap CA Pinot Noir.

      2. Darrell

        Lim, I read the 2 reviews on the BevMo link, one was con and the other pro. The con guy lived in Spain and supposedly knows CA wines and the pro guy lived in Sicily for a number of years. Did you give the guy who hadn’t live in Sicily the nod?

        1. lim13

          I did indeed, Darrell…but for some reason, I never saw the other review. But those two descriptions are not unlike some reviews I’ve read on this site about the same bottle of wine i.e. discussions about GO bottle variation. And ya’ know…I’ve had numerous bottles of Nero and liked more than not. And I’ve never paid more than $10 a bottle. So the price at BevMo floors me. I may now try one bottle of this from GO for five bucks just to see where I stand.

          1. lim13

            Tried my bottle tonight. I’m somewhere in the middle of the two reviews that were posted on the BevMo site, but I lean more toward the reviewer who hated it. First off, similar to what BW said, I can’t believe that anyone would try to sell this wine for $25. Worse yet is anyone who would pay that price! I wouldn’t pay $25 for any Nero D’Avola, regardless of producer. I didn’t find this one offensive, but it came well short of holding my interest. I found it earthy like BW said, but also rather thin and uninteresting. For me, it’s barely drinkable.

            1. BargainWhine Post author

              Hi Lim13. I’m sorry to hear you disliked it so much, but thank you for trying it and sharing your opinion. From my bottle, I could see how some would not like the flavors, but I would not have called it “thin.” However, I’d say most of the depth was in the earthy, funky, tannin, and the fruit itself may be considered a little thin, so maybe that’s the distinction?

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