Mil Piedras 2013 Viognier

Mendoza, Argentina; 14% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store a few weeks ago

MilPiedras_2013_ViognierI recently liked pretty well the Argentinian Budeguer Chardonnay, which I found to be an interesting version of the grape.  It had some ripe fruit, but also crisp acid and minerally structure.  I was hoping this would would be a similar version of Viognier, and my verdict is, “Well, sort of…”  🙂

The fruit certainly shows Viognier’s yellow peach, and some white / light yellow melon, elegantly integrated with fairly crisp acid and a little minerality.  I think the wine would be quite good except for a noticeable excess of stemmy bitterness.  It wasn’t too bad, but it did stop me from thinking it was really tasty.

The next day, I liked it a little better, with the fruit more forward and balancing of the bitterness, but still was not something I was wild about.


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