NxNW (North by Northwest) 2013 Chardonnay

Horse Heaven Hills, WA;
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on about 7 Dec

NxNW_2013_Chardonnay_HHHWith its Horse Heaven Hills designation and the details of its origin and production on the label, this wine looked quite promising.  Maybe my expectations were too high, though, because even though it is a pleasant and well-made wine, I found it unexciting.

The wine immediately shows smooth, moderately ripe fruit of yellow apple and pear, with a little creamy vanilla, some acid of “white of the melon rind” and less ripe pineapple, in a taste of nice length.  However, I found the flavors (and maybe acid) a little light, so this could be the wine for you if you prize smoothness and elegance over intensity.  Myself, I found it eminently drinkable but unmemorable.

The next day, the fruit is a little more forward and tasty, but overall much the same.

[Post has been updated later the same day, but not significantly changed.  I apparently clicked “Publish” when I meant to click “Save Draft.”]


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