Frontier 2010 Reserve Merlot “Canoe Ridge Vineyard”

Horse Heaven Hills, WA; 14.8% ABV
$8 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 10 Nov

Frontier_2010_MerlotResHHHThis is another wine I got during the sale that’s just sat around at my house since then.  It was mentioned briefly at the time here.  Like others, I had high hopes for this Merlot from Horse Heaven Hills with the Canoe Ridge name on it.  The best info I could find about its origin was at this link.

When I first poured and tasted this wine, I was quite impressed with its nicely structured complexity, and was looking forward to its becoming fully aired.  After about an hour, the fruit softened and darkened, tasting of dark red cherry, blackcurrant, and red currant, with nice complexities of earth and spice.  However, it never seemed to fully deliver on its initial promise, and, indeed it rather fell apart soon afterwards, becoming more simple and acid.

The next day, the saved, single-glass screwcap bottle was much the same, having a moment of modest grace before becoming less pleasant.


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