Two Mignanelli Pinots Noirs

$6 each at the Richmond, CA, store on about 20 Dec; neither still there

2012 KW Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA; 14% ABV

Mignanelli_2012_PinotNoirSLH_KWVineyardThe 2012 (non-vineyard-designated bottling) Mignanelli Pinot Noir was discussed a bit here and following.  Of this bottling, Seedboy commented: “This single vineyard wine was out of balance and lacked the body or fruit of the blend.” and “Not sure if it is bottle variation or what but the second bottle of this single vineyard wine was really good, SLH fruit but elegant, good balance.”  Emphasizing the bottle variation in this wine, one regular customer told me this was quite good Pinot Noir for the money, while another told me after some consideration that it was the worst wine he had ever had.  So it was with some trepidation that I finally opened my bottle.

I decanted the wine off a lot of sediment to find a very tasty California Pinot Noir.  It was quite good right away, but smoothed out further after about an hour to show ripe, tangy red cherry / strawberry, red brick / rusty earth, nice Pinot funk, and a little orange in an elegant, smooth, and softly textured taste.  My bottle, at least, was very nice wine for the price.

The saved, single-glass, screwcap bottle was pretty much the same.  Thumbs Up for this bottle!  YMMV.

2013 Santa Lucia Highlands, CA; 14.2% ABV

Mignanelli_2013_PinotNoirSLHThis wine was initially less appealing to me because it did not have the funky, aged complexity of the 2012 KW Vineyard bottling.  However, it did seem more solid, like it would have a longer life and perhaps develop into something ultimately more interesting.  It showed a fresher red / slightly purple cherry that seemed to have more solidity to it, but was not showing as much complexity the first night as the 2012 KW Vineyard.

However, the saved half bottle (375ml) showed greater complexity of darker red cherry, blue-ish fruit, and some of the tangy, earthy complexity of the 2012.  This is probably a more solidly made wine than the 2012 KW, but for a bottle to drink immediately, I slightly preferred the 2012.  Thumbs Up for both.


5 thoughts on “Two Mignanelli Pinots Noirs

  1. Double D

    I must have gotten a bad bottle. The wine was Rose’ in color and flabby at best with no real flavor, just bland. This was not a thumbs up for me.

    1. seedboy

      That does not sound like a good bottle. I’ve opened probably half a case of these and they have all been rather dark for a pinot. But then again, I would never judge a pinot by its color (unless that color was brown) because I’m quite convinced that color is no indication of what a pinot will taste like, but it seems a lot of folks think that light color in a pinot means it will be flavorless.

  2. inthewinecountry

    Seedboy I saw some still at the local GO of the non vineyard designated but l had already tried a bottle and while I agree with BW about it being a decent Pinot I felt it was slightly thin and didn’t have any complexity and didn’t want to pay the price for just a average wine.
    BTY I am still drinking the Cat Amongst the pigeons Shiraz and outside one bottle that seemed tannic and showing little fruit I enjoy it. Rather than bottle variation, I think it was more the food I was having with it.

  3. seedboy

    There were three different pinots with this label, the third was the one that initially showed up, the 2012 SLH. I’ve now opened 3 or 4 of the 2012 KW and the only disappointing bottlw was the first one I opened. I liked the 2012s more than the 2013. I found a few bottles of the KW at Oakland yesterday, otherwise these wines seem to be sold out now.


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