Los Poetas 2011 “Libertad”

Produced and bottled by Altocedro, Mendoza, Argentina; 14.9% ABV
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store on 13 Jan

LasPoetas_2011_LibertadThis wine, with its back label describing the winemaker’s passion for poetry and high-altitude vineyards, looked promising.  It turned out to be outstanding.

I thought the wine needed about 80 minutes in a decanter to fully air, when it tasted of dark blueberry and boysenberry, dark roses / violets, and black earth, with only the occasional slight hint of green bell pepper, and probably other complexities I couldn’t pick out.  The body was full and richly textured.  To me, it tasted mostly like Syrah and Malbec, with some other grape(s) in smaller amounts.  IMO, this is an exceptional GO buy, but you should drink it now.  I don’t expect it to improve, and it could start going downhill soon.

The next day, the saved single-glass screwcap bottle still needed about the same amount of time to air.  It was redder and less rich and complex than on the first night, but still very tasty.  That reinforces my opinion that this is a “drink now” wine.

18 thoughts on “Los Poetas 2011 “Libertad”

  1. jwc

    Solid wine, from a great vintage in SA. Malbec, Cab Sav, Merlot & Syrah blend I’m guessing. Nice fruit, excellent structure should age well. Repeat buy, 90 + Pts

  2. Expat

    If I would have tasted this blind I would have thought it was a hot climate Zinfandel. It was very sweet to me with that jammy/pruney/port-like quality that I’ve grown to not care for. It also wasn’t great with a grilled top sirloin. I think it’s well made for the style, but that’s just not my style.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Expat. I really did not get “that jammy/pruney/port-like quality” in the bottle I had of this wine, but I did try it on the evening it arrived. If anything, I thought that people might object to the fruit skin bitterness I tasted. Many nights when trying some other recent GO wine, I’ve thought I’d really rather a bottle of this wine. Maybe I’ll have to do that and see… 🙂

      1. Expat

        I’m wondering if there is bottle variation. BW I find your reviews always very much spot on. I tried the saved bottle last night and it was still that syrupy profile. I really couldn’t drink it. Weird.

        1. flitcraft

          Well, somebody apparently really liked it. The only Seattle area place to get it that I know of, Lake City, got three cases and they flew out the door in the first two days on the floor.

          1. lim13

            Drop me a line if you’d like me to pick up any for you, flitcraft. There were still a few bottles when I got mine today. You know I’d be happy to do it!

            1. flitcraft

              Much appreciated, but I think I’ll stop by the 4th Avenue GO on my way home and see if I can snag a bottle there. Thanks for the offer!

          2. michael

            There is a bit left at 4th Ave in Seattle last I checked(yesterday). Not more than a case or two it seems(I bought 6 bottles).

          3. EHL

            Checked out the Crown Hill GO today in search of the Robert Oatley Cab that Flitcraft gave a positive review on earlier, but nothing left.

            However, they did have about a case of the LP Libertad, along with the Aurora Ave. GO, which had about two cases left.

            Just in case you haven’t already acted on Lim’s gracious offer…

      2. lim13

        I found a bottle of this wine at the Silverdale GO on Saturday when attending one of their tastings. Because of the variance in reviews by BW and Expat, I had to try one. Deeply colored, sweet tasting and pretty viscous, I did find it to be jammy and slightly port-like, but didn’t find any of the cooked pruney qualities that I too have grown to dislike in Lodi Zins. I like the flavors and think it might do well with barbecued ribs or brisket with a sweet tomato-based sauce. Near 15% alcohol is also more than I’d prefer, but I’ll likely go grab a couple more just to see what it does in the cellar. BTW, this Vivino site says it’s Cab Sauv, Merlot and Petite Sirah and originally went for around $28. I can see the Petite Sirah in the color and slightly drying finish…but I love Well made PS.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          Hi Lim13! I’m so glad you got to try one and thanks for weighing in! Again, although I found the fruit ripe, it did not really taste “sweet” to me.

          Does that mean your cellar has some space now? 🙂

          1. lim13

            I often perceive “sweetness” in red wines within the 15% and higher range. And I recently read the following in a paper from The Australian Wine Research Institute: “Elevated alcohol levels clearly increase the perceived warmth or hotness of wine. Ethanol increases the perception of bitterness in both white and red wines. High levels of alcohol are sometimes associated with increased apparent sweetness, which may be inappropriate for the intended style of
            the wine. Higher alcohol levels might mask some wine aroma and flavour attributes.”

            As for space in my cellar…yep! I’ve got room because we’ve been drinking the cellar rather than buying more. But I’m working very hard not to fill it up again because if we consumed a bottle each evening (which we no longer do), I’m certain that I’ve got enough below to last the rest of my life…especially with no kids to leave it to (though lots of interested friends!). I’ve occasionally bought single bottles from GO that sound interesting on the blog (just to experience them and compare notes), but rarely return to buy more (as I did with the Los Poetas). Long answer to a short question.

            I have to admit, I was happy to see that Vinogeek, a relative novice to wine recently said, “After becoming a bona fide wine geek relatively recently, about 6 years, I’ve become very aware of not over buying more than I can drink & share.” Believe me…ask any serious wine lover (likely most of the blog’s regular contributors)…that’s NOT an easy task…but one that deserves serious consideration. Hats off to Vinogeek and best wishes on maintaining that philosophy.


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