Ste. Chapelle 2014 “Panoramic Idaho” Block 16 Chardonnay

Skyline Vineyard, Snake River Valley, Idaho; 13.5% ABV
$8 at the Richmond, CA, store on 28 January

SteChapelle_2014_ChardonnayI have previously liked Rieslings from Ste Chapelle, but not Cabernet, so I was pretty optimistic about this very nice-looking Chardonnay.  However, after tasting it, I guess I’ll just stick to their Rieslings.

On the first night, the flavor was very light, not much to taste at all.  On the second night, the fruit was a little more forward, showing gentle yellow / white flavors of pear / apple / melon and oak, with balancing acid of lemon / pineapple and white of melon rind.  While there’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s reasonably elegant and complex, the flavors are so light as to be boring.  It’s certainly drinkable in an inoffensive way, but at this price, it’s effectively “Thumbs Down.”


4 thoughts on “Ste. Chapelle 2014 “Panoramic Idaho” Block 16 Chardonnay

  1. glpease

    My experience with this one is a bit different. On the first night, I found lovely aromas of white nectarine, ripe pear, hints of coconut, followed by a nice wash of honeydew melon, citrus, grape skins and a slightly tart, refreshing, lingering finish reminiscent of pineapple cores. This ain’t no CA butterbomb, for sure, but neither is it a stony, mineralic Chablis-like thing. It’s interesting, existing in some almost entirely different sphere, and I rather like it. There’s no confusing it for anything but a chardonnay, though it’s also different from any I’ve tasted. It’s softness and crisp acidity, to me, are actually strong points. Paired with some nice oily fish on the grill in summer, it would be delightful. I’ll lay in a few bottles in preparation for Sol’s return, but it’s not case buy for me. So, recommended, with caveats.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Thanks for your contrasting view, GL. I see myself as here mostly to start a conversation, not to be some kind of wine authority.

    2. seedboy

      I wish that this blog would date stamp the original post, because I am wondering if the differing views stem from glpease having opened a bottle that had settled down after all of the shipping.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Seedboy. At least as I see it on my desktop computer, this post is stamped “January 29, 2016” at the bottom along with its categories. GL, do you recall roughly when you opened your bottle?


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