Cavatappi 2010 Sangiovese “Molly’s Cuvee”

Red Willow and Boushey Vineyards, Yakima Valley, WA; 11.3% ABV
$9 at the Richmond, CA, store on 21 Feb

Cavatappi_2010_SangioveseWhen reports of this wine started coming in, Lim13 wrote, “Wholesaler/winemaker/used-to-be restaurateur Peter Dow ( a most unique individual) started this label years ago, but I have no idea if he’s involved any longer. It appears the label is now part of the Browne Family portfolio (one Browne is CEO of Precept Brands). I’ve never been a fan of Peter’s wines…just personal taste. Almost always austere and high in acidity (Out there, Seedboy?).”  I tried and very much liked the Cavatappi 2007 Nebbiolo that showed up a while ago, so I hoped I could get around to this Sangiovese.  However, on the first night, at least, this wine fits with Lim13’s general description of Cavatappi wines.

Even with over 2.5 hours of air, the wine still shows only fairly simple, tart and slightly ripe red cherry fruit, with a nice earthy wood finish similar to that of the 2007 Nebbiolo.  While it’s reasonably elegant, so far I don’t see much to this wine.  Perhaps with more age, it will become an engagingly complex wine, but right now it’s not showing much.

The next day, with a bit of air, the saved single-glass, screwcap bottle was a little darker, more rich, and complex, but that’s not saying much.  It still struck me as only tolerable.  Apparently, whatever methods worked so well for the Nebbiolo didn’t do so well with Sangiovese.

6 thoughts on “Cavatappi 2010 Sangiovese “Molly’s Cuvee”

  1. Joel M

    I was unimpressed as well…the very definition of a “meh” wine…when it had all the makings of a ‘wow’…disappointed and no repurchase.

  2. Expat

    I’m glad you posted this review. I was really excited for this one because of the winemaker, style and the Nebbiolo that I liked a lot. I saw that rock bottom alcohol level and licked my chops for a dry, elegant wine. Unfortunately I found this undrinkable. It was so tart – like unsweetened cranberry juice. It did have a nice, dry, old world tail end but that wasn’t enough to save it. I’m not a winemaker but it seemed to me that the grapes were underripe/picked at a really low sugar level..This is coming from someone who finds most domestic wine too fruity and sweet.

  3. RB

    The Sangiovese that Lim13 and I both saw up here in WA was actually the 2008 vintage. I liked it quite a bit and, yes, it’s definitely a ‘food wine’. I had some the other night with a simple tomato and mushroom sauce over pasta and it was delicious.

  4. seedboy

    When I read the description of “Peter’s wines” I thought to myself, “sounds like Italian wine”. A Sangiovese this age is still kind of young and is best enjoyed with food. Please do remember, in Italy there is no real tradition of wine as cocktail, wine accompanies a meal, and was, traditionally, made accordingly. I liked the Nebbiolo, I might well buy a bottle of this, double decant it and enjoy it with a pork roast.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Well, I did drink this with food (as usual) both nights, and that didn’t do much to improve it IMO. If you try it, please let us know what you think.


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