Gotham 2010 Shiraz “Langhorne Creek”

Regional Vineyard Series from Wineinc Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia; 14.2% ABV
imported by Gotham Wines, Sonoma, CA
$6 at the Oakland, CA, store on 8 March.  Very little there.

gotham_2010_shirazI seemed to recall seeing Gotham wines praised here (apparently the praise was so-so), so I picked this up when I ran into it.  It’s indeed pretty good, but I don’t think I’d get more.

The wine opens with tight dark purple / black fruit and sharp grapeskin acid.  I thought it was okay after about 90 minutes in a decanter, but needed two hours to really soften up.  Then it shows nice flavors of darker purple plum, dark earth, boysenberry, with still some bitterness of fruit skin, although with a supple, rich texture.  To my taste, the acid and bitterness made it go much better with food, when it was pretty tasty.  I’m happy with the wine, but not particularly excited about it.

The saved single-glass screwcap bottle, what I tasted of it, was redder and smoother, overall more pleasant.  My guess is that it would have aired to be darker like the first half but, after that, my wife drank up the rest of it.  🙂

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