Barão de Figueira 2014 white

DOC Beira Interior, Portugal; 100% SÍria; 13% ABV
bottled by Companhia das Quintas
imported by Flavor Seekers, San Diego, CA
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 21 March

Figueira_2014_SiriaAfter I liked the Figueira red and Bill recommended trying the white, I picked up a bottle of it as another waiting-for-the-sale wine.

I found this a pleasant white, with flavors of yellow and white melon / pear, with a little green melon and minerality on the finish.  The fruit is soft and slightly creamy, with a nice fruit / acid balance.  Similar to the red, I’m not totally wowed by it, but it is quite pleasant and tasty wine for the price, and an interesting new varietal to me.  If I had tasted this blind, my best guess would have been that it’s a Grenache Blanc.

The next day, the fruit is more forward and integrated, becoming nicely textured, but still with nicely minerally structure.  It was pretty good the first day, but its second-day performance pushes this into Thumbs Up.


3 thoughts on “Barão de Figueira 2014 white

  1. Wine Weirdos

    It’s a very good wine and there is very little oxidation yet, however if you haven’t grown to love oxidized whites (which a true joy) then you might find this a good start. This certainly will cellar well for many years; but you’ll need to know what to expect down the line.

    We have short review of this for our patrons on our Patreon page:

  2. lim13

    Found a tiny bit more info here than in the Wikipedia entry (which also lists the grape under its other name, Roupeiro). “Can oxidise easily” is not a comment I’d prefer to read. It certainly suggests to me…no cellaring.

    1. delmartian1

      This is one of 3 wines that I bought multiples of in this Spring’s sale. The price point was good and it should pair very nicely with various seafood recipes, especially those from Portugal and the med.


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