Nexus 2007 Crianza

Ribera del Duero DO, Spain;14% ABV
the 2009 was 100% Tempranillo
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store on 1 April

Nexus_2007_CrianzaThis wine came in beautiful packaging, and I had very much enjoyed the Viña Arnaiz 2009 Crianza from Ribera del Duero, so this was an immediate buy.  I think it’s very good.

I preferred it after 2.5 – 3 hours in a decanter.  The soft and ripe fruit tastes of dark red / purple cherry, slightly funky, leathery / earthy wood, with complexities of licorice, purple grape, boysenberry, and nutmeg / cinnamon, and acid of black and red raspberry, finishing with felt-like tannins,  It shared the soft red / purple fruit and woody complexity with the Vina Arñaiz, but was more rich and complex.

The next day, the saved single-glass, screwcap bottle was still richly fruity and woody / earthy, more integrated and less overtly complex.  Still delicious.


11 thoughts on “Nexus 2007 Crianza

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    I rarely buy second bottles of anything, but I opened my second bottle of this wine yesterday. It was delicious after a couple hours’ air. The second half, stoppered in a half bottle, was also delicious. After an hour or two of air, the second half did occasionally taste slightly too old, but otherwise excellent. This should hold on fine for the next year in decent storage.

  2. permiesworld

    I’ve been catching up on your reviews, BW. This sounds like something I’d love. We’ve seen nothing like this up north. In fact, every time I go in, I’m surprised at the change in the wine selections from just a couple of years ago. I don’t know if we have a different buyer up here or a different allocation but so many of the ones that you’ve posted “thumbs up” to, have never hit our shelves. I don’t know if every region up here is facing the same situation as we are in my area, but while there are a lot of wines on the shelves, I haven’t purchased a GO wine in almost a year. It’s sad. I miss finding gems like this.

    1. seedboy

      Seems a lot of wines sold at California GOs do not make it up north, and vice versa. And, even here in the Bay Area, there are wines that appear in some stores, and at other stores the folks who do the ordering have not heard of them. That said, sorry you’re getting shut out. I’m finding wines I like down here pretty regularly.

      1. seedboy

        One more thing: this particular wine I saw only at the Richmond store (I shop two others regularly) and only for about a week.

        1. Juice

          I bought my first (and only) bottle @ Gear St in SF about mid May 2016. Returned a week later and all gone. Mgr said he had 20-something cases for a while and then it sold out quickly. Called 12 NorCal GO (incl Richmond) and the Nexus ship has sailed.

      2. permiesworld

        Hey Seedboy, yeah, we’ve always seen that (a variance between what the So. Cal stores get and the OR/WA states get) but lately (again, maybe just where I live, I don’t know) we’ve had a real dearth of anything but what you’d call “super market” wines or wines that have been panned on here. I’m hoping that someone at corporate will take pity on us again and give us some options. lol

        1. seedboy

          Hoping for the best for you. They’ve opened a mess of new stores in So Cal, I wonder if that affects this – have to spread out a finite supply of good wines over more stores. I know that they do give special treatment to stores that sell more wine, and there is a belief that the independently owned stores get special stuff.

        2. Darrell

          “I’m hoping that someone at corporate will take pity on us again and give us some options. lol” Good luck on that one. Lately every time I comment on the past wines I have bought, it doesn’t benefit the PNW GO customers.

  3. DavidLikesWine

    We opened this bottle last night and BW’s tasting notes are spot on. The oak is more present when the wine is first opened, but we left it after the first glass for about 2 hours in the decanter. The oak had perfectly integrated with the wine and the cool spice notes BW mentioned had come out. After one sip, my wife looked at me and said, “you need to go back and buy more.” I had no problem doing so this morning.

  4. DavidLikesWine

    This is at the Palo Alto store now. Joe even has the really nice 3-pack boxes out so you can get the full presentation if you want to buy 3 bottles 🙂


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